Fitness articles for the rest of your life


First of all, for me, fitness is not a simple physical exercise, it requires at least three aspects of training, psychological, diet combined, can give feedback to give you an attitude, this is not a short-term goal but a positive healthy lifestyle.

1, training: in fact, you will find a lot of good friends in the gym, they are not every day for a variety of coaches (small talk: some of the gym’s personal trainer body too general, even the slag off the slag… … ) or busy counting calories, but more for fitness magazine articles, master training video, feel every muscle movements and crowded after feeling, actually training actions are not absolute right and wrong (only) relative to the standard, because each of the particularity of physical condition, so it’s best to not necessarily suitable for themselves, suits own is the best, how to solve all kinds of action, you do not try how can know what is best for yourself?

2, on the psychological level: to be positive, optimistic, upward, enjoy a variety of fitness to bring all kinds of happiness, fitness to become a happy thing, in the gym to learn more from the big coffee, modest counseling action analysis and balanced diet. There are two kinds of people around me: those who complain about their slow progress and the struggle of games of all shapes and sizes; The other day was full of energy and talking about sports was full of power. The former actually did not progress, but did not see their own, all day moaning about the serious situation will affect the friends around to the trough. The latter enjoys his every carefree sport and advances naturally. I like to make friends with people with positive energy. Every exercise is full of good mood

3. Diet: with the rise of fitness craze in China in the past two years, more and more friends have realized the revolutionary impact of diet on body shape. Of course, the phrase “practice for 3 minutes, eat for 7 minutes” also reflects the ability to work with some basic training. We often see those handsome men and foreign fitness beauty, their body is not born so perfect, but they have one thing in common: do skills delicious, know nutrition to match! If your body is in this state, really try to start with three meals a day, because your body needs nutrition. I believe that friends who have tried it have benefited a lot, do not want to control their mouth may also complain…

I hope that all friends who love fitness respect the natural growth of the body, step by step, fitness is a lifetime thing, do not be eager to achieve, a lifetime of health is the greatest wealth!


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