How do novices plan your training?


For beginners, the most important step is how to exercise their fitness plan. As long as you have a fitness plan, then all the time, energy and ideas that follow, corresponding to the expenditure of the plan in the grid, you can feel at ease to exercise

So how do you plan your workouts? In fact, it’s so simple that you can create your own fitness schedule by doing the following.

Number one: who am I

Height, weight, blood pressure, heart rate, body fat, work and rest time, when available, when not available.

Make a chart on it and learn about your health from all aspects.

Number two: my goals

Different people close to the gym is no different, someone wants to strengthen the cardiopulmonary function, some people want better health, some people want to lose weight, lose weight, some people want to increase strength, jumping ability and endurance, explosive force, even people just want to take pictures, meet like object fitness or want employees (healthy highly disciplined, healthier)

For different goals, fitness intensity will naturally vary a lot, here exclude those who have different ideas, just say the following

Before the first is a fitness, base is relatively weak, or obese patients, want to reduce weight, let your body increase, so the early basic priority to in order to adapt to, unfavorable and overmuch sport every week, two days or the next time, every half an hour is desirable, and produce mild exercise, if you want to increase the load, under the guidance of the coach

The second is to go back to running, swimming or the original physical fitness is very good, can use moderate moderate intensity exercise, if you have smart and talent, you can also modify their fitness plan, add fun and antagonistically exercise. Exercise for 30 to 30 minutes at a time.

Third: how to practice and what to pay attention to

If you are trying to build muscle, note that the recovery period is two to three days, and if you continue to build muscle and get used to it, it will shorten. However, when the muscle is not fully recovered, it must be kept in mind that when continuing to exercise the second muscle, there is not much role, or even the opposite situation. Generally speaking, the fitness plan is written every week, beginners can follow the following plan as a reference.

Monday: chest, triceps, abs

Tuesday: closed

Wednesday: back, biceps, abs

Thursday: closed

Friday: legs, shoulders, abs

Saturday and Sunday: choose a day for light shoulder exercise, aerobic exercise, swimming, etc

Novice does sport so, because abdominal muscle is a group of wear-resisting muscle, after resting a day, can reply to wait again, because be afraid novice transition is exercised, rest a week so ok, than last can break through a week, time increases or frequency increase.


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