Eat a healthy life


It is very important for us to have a healthy diet. As the saying goes: “the
medicine tonic is inferior to the food tonic”, this kind of viewpoint is
reasonable to some extent, through the reasonable, the scientific diet, may
eat healthily, prevents the mistake, reduces the disease. With the continuous
improvement of people’s living standards, people’s concept of diet began to
change from comprehensive to good, and more and more people began to
pay attention to the role of diet in health. So how can you eat healthier? After
finishing this course, I think good eating habits are very important.

With the progress of social civilization, our traditional eating habits have been
constantly improved. In our traditional dietary habits, there are many scientific
and reasonable dietary habits, but due to the lack of scientific dietary
knowledge, there are also bad dietary habits. In the development of human
civilization to today, human life is increasingly healthy era, people should pay
more attention to scientific diet, pay attention to healthy lifestyle, change the
unscientific diet and unhealthy lifestyle, develop scientific and reasonable
eating habits, characteristics road healthy diet.

Some people may follow their own eating habits that they will not change,
but good eating habits are very important to the human body, as time goes
by, the habits will be formed, our eating habits may not be very scientific, so
we must find the scientific eating habits. Suit our habits. Bring quality life and
healthy life to yourself.

A healthy diet is very important. I summarized some aspects of my daily study
and life.


Breakfast should be the essence of eating, because the body’s best absorption
time is in the morning, breakfast must have nutrients, such as milk, eggs and
so on. Lunch eat full (had better be 7 or 8 full), because the activity quantity in
the afternoon is bigger, can satisfy the need of human body nutrition
completely; Dinner does not want to eat too much, before going to bed, do
not want to eat commonly, can bring very big burden to the stomach.

Food and the coarse grain in fine grain should match, eat vegetable more,
reasonable absorb nutrition, eat meat less, choose food according to oneself
body condition, do not want excessive seasoning, want to have a meal should
sit down calm to eat, want to swallow slowly swallow, do not eat too much
acerbity food, important one is: eat fruit more. Choose fruit according to the
season and condition of the body, time is usually the best time after a meal.
After the meal do not violent exercise, eat to take a walk to rest, especially to
pay attention to some food can not eat, otherwise it will cause poisoning.

Scientific life:

Active physical exercise, everyone should adhere to exercise, improve their
immunity, to lay a good foundation for health, the golden time of exercise
every day is 17:00-20:00, according to their own situation choose to exercise.

To get into the habit of going to bed early and getting up early, the right side
should also be healthy. It’s usually best to get used to the amount of activity
after a lunch break, so you’ll have plenty of work and study energy for the rest
of the year. Try to smoke less, drink less and don’t watch TV or computer for a
long time. Also pay attention to personal hygiene.
There may be some details in our lives that have not been mentioned. We
should learn from the healthy lifestyle of others and make our life healthier
and more perfect.
In today’s era, material life is very sufficient, people should
pay more attention to health, improve the quality of life, improve the health
indicators of the whole society, starting from me, for health, Shouting, live a
happy life.


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