How can a person exercise healthily every day?


Exercise is a good way to lose weight. Fat person increases physical exercise, can increase body fat not only “use up”, make the purpose that the body recovers, still can make every organ of the body gets exercise, enhance the body. Therefore, increasing exercise is a very suitable method for losing weight.

In order to increase muscle activity, you need to increase the number of calories, which can promote fat burning in fat pools and change the ratio of muscle to fat. Exercise can stimulate fat consumption by regulating nerves, body fluids and fat metabolism. Exercise can reduce blood fat, make the cholesterol in blood and triglyceride reduce, reduce adipose deposit to be in heart, liver, blood-vessel, reduce the happening of the disease such as coronary heart disease, fatty liver. Exercise helps to improve myocardial metabolism, thus improving myocardial working ability, enhancing myocardial contractility, and enhancing the ability of cardiovascular system of obese people to adapt to body load. Exercise can enhance the intensity of breathing, increase the range of chest activities and lung capacity, improve lung ventilation and ventilation function, so that the speed of gas exchange, but also conducive to “burning” excess fat。

Why motion reduces weight, basically can you achieve through two respects:

It regulates neurological and endocrine functions. Normal people can maintain a relatively constant weight, which is mainly manifested in the nervous system and endocrine system. The regulation of anabolism and catabolism is in relative balance. Obesity regulates dysfunction and metabolic disorders. Strengthen motion, can improve nerve and endocrine system, restore its metabolization to be normal, stimulative and adipose metabolization, reduce adipose deposit.
Second, increase the body fat and sugar consumption. When fats from food enter the body, they are broken down into free fatty acids and triglycerides, which are stored in the blood and in fat cells. In addition, too much sugar in the body is stored as fat tissue. When exercise is increased, muscle activity requires calories, so the use of free fatty acids in blood sugar and glucose increases, and fat cells cannot compensate, but need to be consumed, then atrophy to wither.

Although exercise can strengthen the body and reduce fat weight, you should pay attention to the following points:

It varies from person to person. The person that reduce weight must undertake check-up before motion, if suffer from serious coronary heart disease, hypertension and the disease such as hepatitis, nephritis, unfavorable take more action, want to treat a disease first, the choice walks, quiet, proper project, resemble shadow boxing. Older people, children and pregnant women should also choose sports that suit them.


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