I exercise. I am very healthy


As the saying goes: life lies in sports, sports make you happier, sports make you healthier. This article small make up for everyone exercise knowledge network components, welcome to read.

The beautiful youth, sends out the charming fragrance, the natural unrestrained manner, is the life, the youth and the healthy ideal choice, lets you fly freely in the life journey. In this new October, we face the autumn sunshine, along with the harvest season, ushered in the cheerful and wonderful 20 school sports meeting.

Health is the symbol of human civilization, the cornerstone of success, the basic premise of serving the motherland and the people, and the foundation of improving the quality of the Chinese nation. We should plan their own lives, the first to pay attention to the health of the mind into their own actions, in the playground, in the sun, in the embrace of nature, consciously physical exercise

No matter in the past, present or future, health has always been the eternal theme of human pursuit.

Physical exercise is the most active and effective way to promote health. You will experience it can alleviate the pressure of the study, adjust the tension of rhythm, and improve the learning efficiency, it can improve the body function of each organ system comprehensively, in order to improve the effectiveness of motor skill, enjoy it to improve the quality of the social adaptation ability of thought and the specific value, learn to understand the sports practice, learn to do things, learn to get along with their peers, learn survival strategy and the method of physical exercise is a healthy, all-round development of all the roads.

Sports are full of charm. While Einstein was obsessed with science and took regular walks, Bill Gates spent most of his time working on his computer and then doing painless exercise. The unique charm of sports attracts these great men. This is because they are fascinated by sports, Einstein always keep a clear mind, let Bill Gates young, energetic, to impress more people.

Sports bring people energy. MAO zedong once said, “where there are healthy people, there is hope. He who has hope has everything. As we all know, MAO zedong insisted on diligent study and tenacious physical exercise since childhood. Diligent in study, whether in sports, running, swimming, mountaineering, camp, MAO zedong actively participated in the serious exercise. After liberation, MAO zedong crossed the Yangtze river three times, writing: “across the Yangtze river to the chutianshu. Whatever the wind or waves, it’s best to take a leisurely walk. Sports, like a radiant messenger, he smiled to the old, young people lit up the passion. Its function is incomparable, can make human body motion rich rhythm, make motion becomes elegant, downy and powerful. The key to success, he tells us, is integration.

If we didn’t have the sprint, we wouldn’t have understood the meaning of persistence, intense staring, and uncontrolled people before the end of the scream.

“I exercise, my health, my happiness, life for us, this is not just a start, a good beginning means a happy ending, so, we have to care about our start, and then, in the sports, mobile, establish a healthy, happy, happy feeling, it will be worth it, let our life because of the movement and wonderful! I wish the school 20 games held smoothly!


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