“I exercise, I’m healthy.”


I exercise to keep fit and I am happy

“Sports are the makers of their own destinies,” said shelrington, a Nobel laureate. “The movement is the goal, the ideal is the standard” this is the French writer Hugo life pursuit; “Only sports, life will continue to progress,” this is the British opera writer Shakespeare’s sincere belief; “Lifelong sports is youth forever” is the magic weapon of chairman MAO zedong’s great success.

Indeed, life lies in constant sports, only sports can grasp the short youth, only sports can make life more interesting, only sports can improve people’s aesthetic consciousness; Only sports can fill the world with unity and love. Sports is a subject that will never go out of style

The bell has been tolled. I think, here, there will be more and more people cherish life, pay more attention to health. Because, look around the world, the whole world is moving towards peace and progress. The human existence environment is good, the life also becomes more precious. If you look at yourself, though health is not everything, if you lose it, you will lose everything.

In big cities, nervous rhythm of life, the fierce competition, people busy all day working, learning, interpersonal relationship and family affairs, traffic developed, skyscrapers, go out car, subway, light rail, the elevator, to the car instead of walking, this is very common, in the elevator, there are a lot of people ignored the importance of exercise to maintain and promote health. Therefore, lack of exercise, sub-health conditions and various diseases caused by non-health factors increasingly obvious。
A (H1N1) flu has spread around the world. In order to their own health and the health of others, we should strictly abide by the school for the prevention and control of the flu epidemic and the implementation of measures, conscious temperature, abnormal, immediately report to the head teacher. Start small. To love yourself is to love others.

The end of winter and the beginning of spring are the seasons when the temperature changes greatly and people are easy to catch cold. In addition to fever and nose, colds can cause many complications, such as bronchitis and bronchitis. More serious can cause such as pneumonia, myocarditis and other serious infectious diseases. Therefore, the common cold in life should not be taken lightly. The body’s immune system is exposed to a variety of viruses every day, the most common being the cold virus. Statistics show that there are as many as 200 different cold viruses, and the immune system is inevitably overlooked each time it is attacked by a different virus. When the immune system is weak, it is easy to catch a cold. Major weather changes, fatigue, stress and prolonged exposure to a closed environment can lead to decreased immunity, which may be exploited by cold viruses. Therefore, the most effective and healthy way to cure colds is to improve our immunity, so we should start from exercise.

For this, remind everybody: motion is very necessary to health. Don’t forget to do science and proper exercise, it can make our life healthy, beautiful, happy and long. Exercise can make you energetic and spend time on your daily life and work. Sports make you optimistic, positive and willing to take on tasks without being picky. Exercise can promote sleep and is conducive to rest. Practice adapting to changes in your environment. Exercise can enhance immunity to some diseases. Exercise keeps you at the right weight, in good shape and in the right proportions. Exercise can improve your reaction. Exercise can make your limbs flexible and painless. Exercise can make hair shiny and dandruff free. Exercise makes your muscles and skin elastic and makes walking easy. Exercise has so many benefits, if you list them one by one, you can even think exercise is so good

Happiness is bitter, sweet, sour and sour. Every cloud has a silver lining. In sports, we can experience five kinds of life, colorful life. Exercise is health, health is happiness. Sports – a never falling tide, a most dazzling star, a bunch of the most beautiful flowers, it always interprets the highest state of life, always show the true meaning of unity, always show the ultimate regression strength. Sports make life more energetic and wonderful!


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