About physical exercise


Exercise is the source of health. Health is the foundation of life. There is no healthy life, just like the fish in the water. Of course, my favorite sport is running. Although the result is not big, but I am working hard. I firmly believe that as long as there is perseverance, perseverance, will succeed. In the fourth grade, I had the chance to compete in the 1000 meters. His legs were shaking in the first game. Getting into the fairway with other players after an inexperienced kickoff is almost a mess. The 1000m run is incomplete and tiring. Finally, due to physical exhaustion, I won the fourth place. But this setback did not make me lose my mind, but made me work harder, because I believe “failure is the mother of success”. Wait, finally ushered in the eighth grade of the 800 meters, I came again. Before the game, summed up the last lesson, waiting for the start of the game. The starting gun went off and they rushed out with me. At first, I tried to save my strength. In the last lap, I ran like a runaway horse to the end. My efforts paid off. Running, gave me happiness; Running, gave me a strong body; Running, enrich my life; Running, my favorite! I like running, like sports, like sports.

Students affectionately called me “sports little master”. In fact, I became three athletes of the road is tortuous, along the way my sweat and tears, leaving my footprints in the struggle, because the heart has a lasting and lasting goal, so any difficulty is difficult to understand. That is to say, I was elected to the school track team, from now on, whether it is hot or cold, track and field can always see my training number. In the hot sun training, the most is an 18-lap round track, it is a complete distance of 4 kilometers, the sweat on the forehead dropped a strength, the heart of the complaints are also one after another, complaints about the coach’s relentless complaints about the hot weather, about why they do track and field athletes complaints…… Coach Chen told me: “as long as you have goals, you must work hard, can not give up halfway, believe in yourself, believe that you can achieve confidant goals, to achieve more goals.

Can’t wait! Your favorite – basketball, is also my favorite sport. Basketball, I think this is a bosom friend, whether it is the wind fish, the sun is very hot, it will accompany me to run on the basketball court jump, although it accompanied me for more than two years, but at the same time, I will not hesitate to love it, without it, my life is like lost color, can not find the source of laughter. I’m a country girl, the phenomenon of son preference is everywhere, is often people think that boys can do it, the girl can’t do that, so every time on the basketball court to play, I don’t know how many people will suffer discrimination, in the cold, laughed at, but I have no retreat, so there is no retreat, or firmly on the basketball court to show my girl. Because I believe that the world is the most fair, the Olympic Games is also fair. Boys can do it, and so can we girls! The Olympic Games is coming, so nervous, looking forward to it! Just watching the NBA is exciting. Watching our athletes get more and more nervous rehearsals also gradually confirmed the Olympic Games.


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