About sports


People say, “live in sports. In fact, life lies in sports. Similarly, everyone has their own favorites

Sports, I also like sports, that is: “football”. He thinks football is a game

This is a very interesting and intelligent exercise that includes technical and tactical exercises, as well as time of year

It sharpens your mind, broadens your vision, sharpens your mind. I think football is for me

When I score goals or run, the excitement and joy is indescribable, especially when I score goals

After the ball, the heart of achievement suddenly rises, let a person unforgettable. Football not only brings me happiness, but also brings me happiness

That’s what motivates me, that makes me study harder, because I know, if you want to go out into the world, anyway

What is a career? If you don’t have a degree, people won’t use you.

Whenever I feel confused, depressed and uncertain about the future, the voice of football will suddenly ring out and inspire me

I study harder. I also have a team that I admire very much: “bayer leverage, Germany.” Using the unified

Between the red and black cedar, opposite the team logo is two male lions. I’ve been a fan since I saw the bundesliga

Worshipping them hasn’t changed, although a lot of people have said to me, “it’s not a good idea to go out so much

In learning to use, you say, did they win and give you money? “At this point, I would say something even more disapproving:” I am

The sport, such as bayer lever, has a tenacious, beautiful style.

“Yes, I enjoyed it. I like the players of bayer lagu. They were frustrated by the loss of purpose

; Their victory was insane; Frustrated at their loss… Yes, I am a boy who loves football very much. now

In China, gradually, Chinese football is becoming more and more mature, just like football players are also gradually emerging. I hope:

More and more Chinese young people like football and hope to bring talents to this country. At the same time, I also believe: “the world of 2010

World Cup, Chinese men’s football team will be more powerful!

I don’t think professional athletes have the opportunity to exercise every day, even if it’s not special

But I get a lot of happiness and satisfaction from it. If there is a good sports match on TV, I will definitely fail

Look at gold island,


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