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Detoxification purification

Vegetable belongs to weak weak alkalescent weak alkalescent weak weak alkalescent, had better want raw feed, especially leaf vegetable. If it’s a rhizome, it doesn’t matter if it’s cooked.

The structure of chlorophyll is the same as that of heme in the human body, with only the central atoms being different. Chlorophyll is the soul of vegetables, it has a purification function, can purify our body, clean internal toxins. When we ingest, want to order first, eat a bit lettuce first, oral cavity decorates alkaline environment. Later in the meal, carbohydrates are broken down in this alkaline environment, enzymes are broken down easily, and the food becomes sweeter and easier to digest.
The anti-inflammatory

Food control
The good news is that raw food can prevent cancer. Fresh vegetables are rich in vitamins, enzymes and fiber. When our food contains preservatives or residual nitrates, nitrosamines encounter secondary amines of proteins, including nitrites and nitrates. This is a known carcinogen that causes stomach cancer. Because they are rich in vitamins to prevent this reaction, they can reduce the risk of esophageal and stomach cancer. Organic vegetables are free of pesticides and fertilizers and can be eaten raw at every meal.

Know about grains in a balanced diet

Carbohydrates are one of the five nutrients and are usually divided into two groups: simple carbohydrates; One group is complex carbohydrates. Pure carbohydrates, such as refined products, are used in processed foods, such as bread, canned foods, beverages, biscuits, biscuits, sweets, etc. Complex carbohydrates come from natural sources such as whole grains, vegetables, fruits and beans. Its advantage is that in addition to carbohydrates, it also contains vitamins, minerals, fiber, a little protein, fat and a lot of water.
Most of us are still unable to correct our misconceptions about whole grains, preferring white rice and flour. We simply cannot understand the digestive function of whole grains, which cannot be replaced by highly processed products.
Learn about grains by their healing power

Learn about grains by their ability to deal with them

Whole grains have the ability to cure diseases, recorded in Chinese medical books thousands of years ago. Corn symbolizes peace, green and health. If the analysis understands the individual difference of each kind of cereal, its characteristic, mix cereal to have curative effect. In the daily diet, the proportion of various grains should be firstly strengthened and increased, and grains should be used to balance everyone’s prejudiced constitution, so as to achieve mild peace, Yin and Yang, and harmony of qi. Blood, because food is the best medicine.


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