A healthy exercise program


The body is the capital of revolution, with a healthy and strong body, can give people increase self-confidence, can let you work better. In a busy city, you may sit at your computer desk typing all day, you may spend most of your time in the driver’s seat, or you may spend all day dealing with customers. These are constantly consuming our physical health, reasonable arrangement of fitness is very necessary.

Go to bed early, get up early and form your own sleeping habits. Adults should sleep seven to eight hours, from 11:00-6:00 in summer to half an hour to an hour in winter. Get up in the morning and bask in the sun. Do a simple body stretch.

Work 1 to 2 hours. It is recommended to close your eyes for 2 minutes, then rotate the thumb and index finger of one hand and press down on the temples one by one. Straighten your hands, lean against the wall, and squat for 10 minutes.

After lunch, it is suggested to return to the company slowly. Colleagues who order takeout have enough time to rest and can slowly climb the stairs twice. If you get enough sleep at night, the rest of us who just want to close our eyes will only need half an hour! Napping for more than an hour will only make you more tired.
Run for an hour after dinner. Run twice a week. Trot during the workday. Female compatriots do not choose remote roads, colleagues can board the ship.

Before you take a shower, do three rounds of five to ten pull-ups. After each round, press the ligaments on the left and right legs for 1 minute. Then do push-ups.

Before sleeping, sit up, proper cannot overmuch, after taking a deep breath every time, loosen the body, knead abdomen gently, slowly from top to bottom, after repeating a few times, ability falls asleep.

In fitness training, most women are still concerned about how to reduce abdominal fat the most, always think abdominal muscle training ability can reduce abdominal fat, actually not sure. We know from the training practice that reasonable and moderate equipment training can effectively promote anaerobic metabolism and aerobic metabolism, to achieve the purpose of fat reduction. The so-called reasonable, is the use of scientific methods to combat various parts of the body muscle training balance, rather than pure exercise of the body muscles. The so-called moderate, refers to the amount of exercise completed each training is moderate, only the scientific arrangement of training. Can receive satisfactory result.


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