About food safety


With the arrival of the Spring Festival travel. As more and more people go home to visit relatives and friends, the Spring Festival is coming, most of them are thinking about how to buy a car or plane ticket as soon as possible, and how to enjoy the festival with relatives and friends before they arrive at their destination. Remind everyone to pay attention to the body, do not let the disease “take advantage of”.

To keep healthy on the road, we should first pay attention to diet and hygiene to prevent diseases from passing through the mouth.

Pay attention to drinking water hygiene. Generally speaking, raw water is not drinking water, the disinfection and purification of tourism drinking water and tap water is the most ideal, followed by mountain springs and deep water, rivers, rivers, ponds and lakes must not be directly drinkable. If drinking water is not available, use melons and fruits.

Be sure to wash or peel the melon and fruit. Be sure to peel the melons and fruit you eat. In addition to pesticides, fruits and melons are also contaminated with bacteria or parasites during the picking and selling process.
Take every meal seriously. High-end restaurants can be assured to eat, row stalls can choose to eat, street stalls or shops (cart sell) do not want to eat. While there were many cases of hunger during the trip, food from vendors at the stalls was out of reach. Hunger, if there is one, is a joke in life.

Learn to identify restaurant hygiene. The general criteria for eligibility should be: hygiene permit, clean water, disinfection equipment, fresh food ingredients, no mosquitoes and flies, dust control equipment, clean environment, collectors should not touch food and money and food to maintain a considerable distance.

Give up food and drink in a car, boat or plane. When cycling, due to the lack of exercise conditions, the food digestion process will be prolonged, the speed will slow down. If food is not controlled, it will inevitably increase the burden on the gastrointestinal tract and lead to gastrointestinal discomfort.

Clearly, the food we eat has a profound effect on our health. Rich food has too much time to get better, and is too simple to have much of an advantage. We should not go to extremes. If we want to keep healthy, we should have a balanced diet. Remember, a balanced diet and proper exercise can keep us healthy and energetic all the time.


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