Eating habits and health


Keep drinking water and a glass of water at all times.

Water is the source of life. Nutritionists recommend drinking about 1,500 milliliters of water a day. Someone who’s been in the office all day

Keep a container of the same size and remind yourself to complete your water “task” every day. People who go out can bring their own water glasses

Now, a lot of public places have water dispenser, might as well take a cup to drink some; You can also bring bottled water

Then drink it. In addition, in different seasons, you can also choose some healthy tea. For example, you can use two or three longan every day,

Soak three or four pieces of American ginseng and ten pieces of Chinese wolfberry in water.

Never miss an opportunity to eat Onions.

The taste of raw Onions is not popular with many people. But in fact, Onions contain a lot of heart-protecting flavonoids that can be softened

Blood vessels and anti-cancer efficacy, eat raw eat better. Suggest that people with high blood pressure can eat half a raw onion every morning, choose

Red skin, cut into small pieces with vinegar and a little sugar, is ideal for maintaining blood vessels and for diabetics


Soup before each meal helps control food intake.

For people who need to control their diet, drinking soup before meals can increase their sense of fullness and help control their food intake. The United States

Studies show that people who drink water before meals consume nearly 300 calories a day. If you have too much acid in your stomach, drink water before meals

Repair diluted gastric juice to help absorb the active substances and nutrients in food. But you need to

Remind yourself not to drink too much soup before meals.

Eat small amounts of nuts regularly.

Nuts protect blood vessels. They contain healthy unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins and minerals.

The proposal eats a bit everyday, the proposal does not exceed 20 grams, wait for small melon seed or 10 or so pistachios. Dinner usually

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