Exercise and nutrition


Exercise and nutrition are important factors to maintain human health and improve athletic ability. Exercise promotes health and nutrition

Absorption and proper nutrition are essential for good health and regular exercise. The human body has about six trillion cells

About one in 100 cells needs to be replaced every day to keep the body the same. In other words, the human body is made up of chemicals

After all, this substance is made up of many chemical elements. Many of the substances that drive physiology are also involved

It’s a combination of chemical elements. There is no doubt that these products are made from food. So, be a body

When the human body structure is fully developed, it must give full play to its physiological functions, and the food supply must be adequate and reasonable

Examples of nutrition. Nutrition refers to the absorption, digestion, absorption and utilization of nutrients in food in order to maintain life

The biological process of motion. Nutrition is the material basis of organic tissue, and physical exercise can promote the body’s response to nutrition

Digestion and absorption, enhance human function. Proper nutrition combined with scientific exercise can effectively promote good health

Develop healthily, improve health level and sports ability obviously. Therefore, for the good development of sports, we must

Adequate nutrition. In recent years, with the development of sports science, people have conducted in-depth research on sports and nutrition

The investigation. In some developed countries, the organic combination of athlete nutrition and sports training has improved athletic performance.

The relationship between exercise and nutrition is becoming more and more important in sports science. Among mass sports, sports are reasonable

The combination of nutrients is increasingly important in improving people’s health and well-being. Proper nutrition and exercise

Treatment of coronary arteriosclerosis, hypertension, coronary heart disease, diabetes, obesity and other serious health hazards

Osteoporosis, etc. At the same time, only under the premise of reasonable nutrition, can strengthen physical exercise

Physical health and the purpose of improving health. At the same time, nutrition is one of the most effective means of post-exercise rehabilitation, which is reasonable for camping

Nutrition can significantly improve the functional status of athletes; Nutrition is unreasonable, can bring about airframe physiology function disorder, athletic ability is low

Decay, even illness and trauma. The relationship between exercise and health

The relationship between exercise and health is that between means and ends. Since the French thinker voltaire put forward “to live in the work

Since the adoption of the sports motto in this century there has been much interest in whether sports are beneficial to life and health

One of the issues discussed. Hippocrates, a famous ancient Greek physician known as the “father of western medicine,” said, “Yang

Light, air, water and exercise are the sources of life and health. This shows that exercise is like life and healthy air.

Sunshine is as important as water. Regular physical activity and proper nutrition are the most important safeguards for people’s health

10 to 15 percent of health depends on health care; 15 to 20 percent comes from genetics. Twenty to twenty-five percent depends on the environment, not on life

Equations and conditions account for 50% ~ 55%. Therefore, we should do sports and emphasize that life lies in scientific sports

If exercise is not scientific, it will have a negative impact on human health.

In a word, moderate exercise is good for health. Regular participation in physical activities, particularly in their nature, could be strengthened

Good brain blood supply and oxygen supply, promote cerebral cortex excitability enhancement, make people’s mind clear, thinking agile. At the same time

At the same time through the human body’s movement, causes the muscle to make the contraction and the relaxation response unceasingly, thus stimulates to the nervous system understanding

Restrain the function of motion, make the reaction of the person is sensitive, flexibility rises, still can improve nervous system blood

The regulatory functions of the tubular system, respiratory system, motor system and other organ systems can effectively enhance the human immune function and prevent and treat diseases

Disease and health. Nutrition and health


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