Eat healthy food


The seven most useful nutrients in food are water, protein, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins,

Minerals, dietary fiber. Don’t underestimate them, because we have life, life is not

Sculpting lacks shadow.

Eating habits have a great impact on human health, good eating habits, is an important measure to ensure health.

Humans are amazing creatures. We have ideas! But ideas separate us from the ten thousand species

However, it also brings us a lot of trouble, which is another factor affecting our health, more important than the above

Say nutrient composition is more!

Nutrition diet eating habits mental health

If a person wants to keep healthy, he must have a reasonable diet, which is the premise! And then we need it

Develop good eating habits. Besides, we should have a beautiful mind and a healthy body

In terms of diet, we have to mention the substances that people get from various foods. There are seven kinds of food that are useful to the human body

Nutrients: water, protein, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber. Can ten million

Do not belittle them, for we have life, and life is not the moment without their shadow. Among them,

Water is also called the source of life. This is their position.


Water is the source of life, human demand for water is second only to oxygen, water is necessary to maintain material life, material generation

Thank you physical activity does not affect water. The most important component of human cells is water, which accounts for about of normal adult water.

About percent of babies are weighed in the water, and 55 percent of the elderly are weighed in the water. Water comes from all kinds of food and drinking water. If they don’t

If you take a certain vitamin or mineral, it can last for weeks or years, but you don’t have water

But only a few days to live. Water promotes chemical reactions in the body and ACTS as transporters of substances in the organism.

Water plays an important role in maintaining the temperature stability of organisms.


?Proteins are essential to life. Human tissues and organs are made up of cells

This is a protein. Biological growth, tissue repair, regulation of various enzymes and hormones to the body’s biochemical response and defense of diseases

The composition of antibodies, the maintenance of osmotic pressure, the transmission of genetic information, are all functional proteins. The baby’s growth spurt

The speed is fast, the protein demand is higher than the adult, the average per kilogram of body weight needs more than grams per day. Rich in meat, eggs, milk and beans

Rich in high quality protein, is the daily must provide.


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