Exercise and health


In today’s society, the ever-changing science and technology have brought great convenience to our life and also brought a lot of benefits to people

Many health problems. Some people work, play and “surf the Internet” on the computer for a long time, which is harmful to their health

Computer network syndrome with the improvement of living standards, people’s diet gradually changed, people enjoy the diet

In the rich food at the same time, due to excessive intake of nutrients, energy consumption, leading to obesity, cardiovascular disease

Modern “civilized” diseases (such as diseases) and the age of onset are getting earlier and earlier. Therefore, take physical exercise to keep body and mind

Health has become an urgent problem.

Health, longevity and wisdom are human desires. Since ancient times, thousands of years ago, people have been trying to prevent

The secret to curing disease and prolonging life. “If you want to be strong, run! If you want to be healthy, run! If you like

Smart, run! “It points to the importance of human health. In the fast developing modern society

In modern times, people are more aware of the value of life and pay attention to the pursuit of quality of life, health and value

In the works.

Physical exercise can improve the level of intelligence the normal level of intelligence is the most basic psychological conditions for people to engage in various activities. sports

Movement consciously or unconsciously activates the right brain, enhances the right brain image thinking function, and develops the right brain intelligence. through

It can be seen that physical education is closely related to the intellectual development of the right brain, and physical education is an effective way for the intellectual development of the right brain.

Means and methods of developing the intelligence of the participants.

In order to establish a good self-concept, self-concept refers to students’ comprehensive evaluation of their physical condition, psychological characteristics and emotions

Price includes a lot of self-knowledge and self-evaluation, including “self-positioning”, “body skills” and “body”.

“Physical condition”, “my hobby orientation”, etc. As is known to all, physical exercise makes people strong and powerful

Therefore, it is very important to insist on physical exercise and improve students’ appearance and psychological quality. Because of body image

The self-concept evaluation of students’ psychological quality is very big, no matter high or short, fat or thin, male or female, their own individual

Dissatisfaction can affect an individual’s self-esteem, leading to depression, and then mental state and depression

. Some researchers have found that muscle strength levels are directly related to an individual’s emotional stability and confidence

At the same time, guan found that strengthening strength training through continuous scientific physical exercise could improve students’ self-confidence and psychological quality

The ability to improve reasonable bearing capacity and personal self-concept has been significantly improved.

The body gets the optimal amount of oxygen. The recommended aerobic exercises are brisk walking, jogging and swimming

Swimming, cycling, aerobics (dancing). These exercises can effectively enhance the respiratory system to absorb oxygen, cardiovascular system load

The ability to carry and transport oxygen, and the ability to organize aerobic metabolism to use oxygen, so aerobic exercise has physiological and biochemical effects on the human body

Psychological and other aspects of the impact is very large.


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