Spinning is very popular, do you really know?


SPINNING, English name: SPINNING, originally created by American personal trainer and extreme athlete JOHNNYG in the 1980s, is a dynamic indoor bicycle training program that combines unique music, visual effects and more. This is aerobic exercise that allows the entire body to exercise; this is one of the most popular things in the gym.

Spinning has a strong American flavor, full of energy and enthusiasm. Athletes coordinate music, light, and imitate various sports styles, such as mountain climbing, fast cycling, etc., and are extremely interested. However, due to the bright lighting and high-decibel music, the people who choose to spin are mainly 20 to 35 years old, mostly young white-collar workers.

Rotation consumes a lot of energy and produces a lot of sweat. It also strengthens the legs, beautifies the lower body and increases oxygen intake. Practice has shown that effective 40-minute spin training can consume about 500 calories.

Using spinning

The biggest feature of spinning is that it gives you the feeling of releasing stored energy for a long time and creating a sense of accomplishment. Cycling course lasts for 45 minutes, warming up in the first 5 minutes; 35 minutes of main training, the coach will adjust the resistance and rotation of the car according to personal strength, and simulate the downhill, in-situ walking action, while carrying out a lot of exercise while endurance Fat consumption; the last 5 minutes of relaxation exercises make the lines look better. This complete process can use 400,500 calories, which is equivalent to half an hour of long-distance running, not only can reduce fat, but also improve heart and lung function.

Through scientific experimental design, using manual mechanical engineering methods, a variety of bicycle modes are selected to suit individual circumstances, without disturbing the waist, and can also achieve fitness effects. Each foot pedal has two fixed shoe covers to prevent the bodybuilder from When you exercise, you will be lame, adhering to the safety design concept. Some spinning has a stretching function, which is more suitable for a variety of tall, short, thin people.

According to the amount of rotation, the amount of exercise is divided into: strength and strength. Adjust the resistance of the bike to determine the intensity of the exercise. You can also choose the posture that suits your workout. There are two ways to sit and stand. Choose the method that suits you. The two methods can effectively exercise your leg muscles and have strength. Legs and endurance also have considerable advantages in promoting bone growth.

If you want to build muscle on your legs, do a strong workout. If you want to lose weight and burn fat, choose strenuous exercise. No matter which one you choose, be sure to stick to a consistent workout.

Rotate 2 or 3 times a week, half an hour to 45 minutes each time. If you want to build muscles every day, then Xiaobian thinks that everyone is spinning is a good project.


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