Chest training is mainly to exercise our pectoralis major muscles. Today we will introduce 4 simple chest exercises to help you build more stereo and chest before introduction. We first need to understand all the necessary training plans, and the steps can be The training process becomes messy and the movements have various problems.
Through machine training, this is the right way to exercise your chest muscles and reduce the risk of injury.

<Chest training action 1>

Horizontal bench press
Use a barbell to make a flat lay to push the production. When doing this action, be careful to leave with a wide move, let the body trunk and chest rise as much as possible on the recliner, and when the shoulders sink at the same time, the pectoralis major muscles can be fully contracted and fully extended. , to exercise better.
Diagonal pressing dumbbell
Use the dumbbell to tilt the top of the lie push, the drop of your action will try to make the dumbbell position low enough, so that the chest can be fully contracted, the fitness person can control the speed of the movement as much as possible while completing the movement, and complete the movement as slowly as possible. As the strength of the fitness person increases, it increases with the use of the dumbbell.

<Chest training action 2>

Rope gripping the chest
Use the rope with the handle to do the chest clamping action, keep the position of the rope at the lowest point at the beginning of the exercise, use the strength of the arm and chest to move the rope to the chest, pull the rope up, and touch the two hands as much as possible in the chest. . This kind of exercise can effectively stimulate the suture of the chest and chest, and the weight and fitness effect can be gradually improved to enhance the fitness effect.

4. Parallel bar bending and stretching
Use the parallel bars for arm flexion and extension. In doing so, make sure that the bottom of the movement is at least parallel to the ground, keeping the elbows on the sides of the body and avoiding eversion. This exercise can effectively exercise the biceps and lower chest muscles. The main trainer can only use his own weight to complete the exercise. As the power increases, they can try the weight of the barbells on the legs to increase the training focus and achieve better results.
These training actions are relatively simple training actions. When the newcomer is exercising, only the heart can practice the chest, and the corresponding training essentials can be quickly grasped, which is more suitable for the novice.

The chest muscles are large muscles. The body plays an important role in fitness and fitness training. Priority is given to the stimulation of the depth of the chest muscles. In practice, free training and matching, push-ups and various sports are good choices. Auxiliary training such as chest expansion can make chest muscle exercise more effective.


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