Fitness plans can be tailored to the training objectives


The fitness training program can train the training objectives from the three aspects of cardio, strength and flexibility. We can make fitness plans in this way to make the whole body muscles exercise.

<Training Objective 1>
Aerobic exercise
Cardiopulmonary exercise refers to aerobic training. Aerobic exercise can involve all muscle groups in various parts of the body. This is a kind of exercise with a strong habit and slow pace.
Aerobic training should master the corresponding number of exercises. Don’t start too much at the beginning, and slowly increase, so the exercise will not be excessive. Because the exercise time is long, it is very important to insist on it. It is beneficial to develop a good habit of long-term fitness.

Strength Training
Strength training focuses on shaping the shape of the body. When we practice, we will shape the body in different ways. Strength training can increase muscle tone and proficiency in sports equipment.
Strength training includes multiple machines. Each machine can combine different training actions. You can aim at the whole body muscles to make sculptures, make your body lines better, the core becomes stronger, it can be said that it is good muscles, you will look younger.

<Training Objective 2>

Flexibility training
It can be divided into active and passive, pay attention to good stretching, reduce injuries, common flexibility exercises, including dance, yoga, pilates, etc., exercise control, breathe, stretch the corresponding parts, let more The muscle tissue stretchability is upgraded.
Flexible exercise step by step exercise can avoid muscle strain caused by overtraining, elasticity, balance can also enhance the shape and shape more lines.

Different training objectives determine the movements you practice. A good practice plan can make the training more organized, and the results of the exercises will be more effective than random exercises.


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