Scientific Fitness – How to start fitness systematically?


Step 1: Conduct a systemic assessment and learn about your body
Perform a systematic body assessment test at the gym
If you can go to the gym, financial ability, or suggest a professional fitness instructor to guide the solid foundation, and assess the full details of the body before exercise, so that we can largely avoid the occurrence of sports injuries, help the coach better You schedule an exercise program.
In general, the system’s physical assessment is divided into body composition assessment, basic fitness assessment and posture assessment.

Session evaluation
When I first saw the fitness instructor, I just understood the purpose of the customer’s exercise, and verbally asked the customer’s basic physical condition, whether there were certain diseases or joint damage, whether it was restored, the diet and the current work schedule. The coach can roughly observe and analyze the customer’s physical condition through the experience at this time.

2. Detect body composition
Measure body circumference, body fat, muscle mass, basal metabolism, rest rate, etc.

3. Basic physical fitness test
The basic physical fitness tests are: cardio endurance test, muscle endurance test, maximum strength test, and flexibility test.

4. Body posture assessment
Evaluate gestures from head to toe to see if there is a serious physical imbalance (injury). If there are obvious abnormal postures, such as severe crossover, cross-over syndrome, you need to do some correction during the next exercise, if Without directly correcting the movement, there is a high risk of sports injury.

These four assessment tests enable the instructor to have the most intuitive and comprehensive understanding of the client’s physical condition, and the coach can also arrange the most appropriate exercise program for the client based on these assessments. The body assessment test should be re-examined periodically to observe the effects of the exercise and to make reference for the next level of exercise.

You can also do a simple physical assessment at home
Physical assessment and body posture assessment require specific action guidance and a certain reserve of expertise, so these tests are difficult without exercise experience, but at home, we can do some simple body composition testing: including the degree of envelopment of each part Weight, body sebum thickness, meditation rate. You only need a few simple gadgets: tape measure, pliers, scale, stopwatch on your phone. (The tape measure and pliers only cost a few dollars.)

1, weight
Needless to say, the weight can be weighed, weighed as much as possible in the hollow state, and try to weigh at the same time, before generating a large error.


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