Many people want to improve their health and their health is not good, but many people don’t want to go to the gym, so it is very troublesome and they need to spend more time. Then we have to do our unarmed fitness program in our bedroom. No equipment is needed, and it is very convenient if you are interested in moving on!

1.Get up
Exercise in the dormitory is very limited, because the bedroom space is not very large, and there is free hand fitness, can not use any sports equipment, so we must choose a relatively small range of sports, and the effect is good better. Among them, sit-ups are a relatively famous sport. Sit-ups are the most standard for sit-ups. This posture is an arm that needs to be naturally bent. This can prevent lazy, and the exercise effect can develop very well. During this exercise, everyone should concentrate on his abdomen. The most important thing to notice is to get up in place, and the number of standards, if done less, is not very effective. The place where this exercise is practiced is actually the abdominal muscles and intercostal muscles, and it can also assist the abdominal muscles and the body’s exercise. Do 8 to 10 sets per day, about 60 sets per set.

2. Push-ups
Push-ups don’t require much space, so it’s more suitable for do in the dorms, but this sport can be said to be a more famous sport, but it can also help you fully exercise, so if you are free to exercise, if you don’t have this action, it must be very less. You know the practice of push-ups, but you can choose what kind of push-ups you want to do for your body. Each push-up is actually developed for different parts, so you can look at yourself. If you need to exercise your chest muscles, or the thickness of your chest muscles, or the lines of your chest muscles, you need to choose from three exercise methods.

Squat is a sport that requires minimal space, but in the process of deep holes, many people can ignore the details and make the squats less standard. This kind of word definitely does not work well, and the leg is It is possible to make yourself more practiced and possibly stronger. In the process of doing squatting, the most important thing to note is that in the process of squatting, the apex of the knee can’t exceed the toe. If the body exceeds the body, it will be very bad. Squat is great for exercising your limbs. They can also exercise your muscles, so this is a good free hand exercise.


In fact, three methods are mentioned in the article. You should also be familiar with it. If you have a certain understanding of fitness friends, you know that these three actions are very good and can help you achieve good results.


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