Barbell squat
StrongLift5x5 is very popular abroad, I have seen him used in the gym.

Basically, the StrongLift5x5 has five actions: barbell squat, barbell bench press, barbell row, barbell lift and barbell pull. Mainly used for large muscle groups such as the chest, back, legs and so on.

By combining the exercisers, then splitting the actions into two groups, a group of barbells, barbell bench presses, barbell rowing; B. kneeling, lifting and pulling the bar.

Each action starts with a lightweight, 5 groups of one action, 5 groups of one action (a deadlift is 5 sets of one action, a set of one action); exercise is three movements, three times a week (allowing muscle rest).

Use ABAB in turn in each combination of actions, such as this week’s ABA, next week’s BAB, and so on. Most importantly, because the action repeats, each action repeats, which will be 5 pounds more than the last weight (10 pounds more hard).

Barbell row
Although the concept of 5 by 5 is easy to understand, there are some caveats to be aware of.

1. Who is suitable for StrongLift5x5

StrongLift5x5 moves less, but if you separate them, each move is completely different. Therefore, it is recommended to use this plan again for “people who have a sports foundation and are able to perform the exercise correctly, but who do not have time to plan the exercise”.

Through these exercises, you will find that you can almost complete the whole thing with your entire body. The most direct effect is that it has a lot of positive effects on stimulating muscle growth and increasing muscle mass.

Whether it is to enhance the function of the body or to improve the stability of the movement, these actions have the most direct effect. In addition, it only takes three days a week. For busy people, less time and higher efficiency are very attractive

Barbell pull
2.Establish foundation

Although the StrongLift 5×5 training is easy to understand and easy to operate, I strongly recommend that the StrongLift 5×5 have the right technique and posture to avoid accumulating damage before gradually increasing weight.

Don’t underestimate the first few weeks, you may find yourself making rapid progress from the start! But this is the best time to improve posture and posture. When the injury is reported, don’t rush to gain weight, but the loss exceeds the income!

clean and jerk
3. Possible bottlenecks

After performing StrongLift5x5 for a while, you may find that your progress is becoming more and more limited (muscle strength can’t wait for a linear increase in acceleration). Just like I can’t do 5 to 5, there is not enough time in the middle, I feel that I can’t break through, and so on.

Don’t stick to the 5 pound rule. Pay attention to your ability to lose weight first. Can you also extend your rest time, such as muscle? You can practice at some point. If you don’t want to break through, it may mean that you are satisfied with the plan.

Barbell bench press
Finally, StrongLift5x5 is not a panacea, it can give you the best results. after all! This is just a form of planning. It’s just that his design is very good, he can take care of the whole body and can make the most of his time.
Moreover, because the human body is very different, not all training can be applied to the results seen by everyone. In fact, as long as you stick to the principles and do the right thing, your training will definitely see the results!



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