Community fitness equipment can be dividedinto four categories according to the different purposes of the sport:

1, aerobic endurance sports equipment, such as space walk, Tai Chi exercise, pacemaker;
2. Flexible sports equipment, upper limb retractor, waist twister, leg presser and back extender;
3. Strength training equipment, including waist strength trainer, pedal strength trainer, multi-function upper limb trainer, waist and leg trainer, fitness riding machinery;
4. Relax equipment such as rollers, double waist massagers, etc.

Extended Information:
Old people must exercise according to their own abilities and choose the equipment that suits them. In particular, some elderly people have special diseases, so pay attention to exercise safety so as not to cause injury.

Spacewalk: Focus on preventing falls. Some elderly people may fall because of poor coordination. Some older people may lose weight because their legs swing back and forth at the same time. In addition, excessive swinging may cause muscle strain. Therefore, the elderly should hold the handrails with both hands while exercising, the upper part of the body is straight, the two feet are separated on the two foot boards, the knees are slightly bent, the weight is kept stable, and the legs are alternately swinged alternately, just like going further. The ambler load is small, and the elderly need to combine other aerobic training methods to achieve better cardiopulmonary function.

Pedal force: Prevent knee strain. The pedal force is mainly used to exercise the lower limb strength, because the angle of the device is fixed. If the knee exercise is unreasonable for the elderly, the lower limb force line is not suitable, and the exercise amount is too large, which will increase the burden on the knee joint, resulting in softening of the tibia. Therefore, when the elderly use pedal exercise, it should be noted that the knee joint angle should not be too large, the second toe direction on the knee, and moderate movement according to their own athletic ability.

Healthy horse riding machine: beware of spinal cord injury. The healthy horse-riding machine relies on both hands to pull the handrail backwards, pedaling forward with both feet, and keeping the whole body as far as possible, then returning to the initial position, exercising the upper and lower limbs and the back of the waist, exercising the joints of various parts, and enhancing the cardio-respiratory endurance. . This sport is perfect for those who often bend over the table and strain the neck and waist muscles. When exercising, exercise should be gentle, don’t overdo it yourself.

1.Space walk
The spacewalk machine is one of the most popular fitness equipment in the community. It’s easy to use, as long as you hold the handle with both hands and pedal, your feet swing back and forth, just like walking in space. The space walker can exercise the elasticity of the lower limb muscles and improve the coordination and balance of the body.

2, healthy riding machine
This is also a common community fitness equipment. When sitting in the seat, both hands pull the handle and pedal to move back and forth. It provides a full-body exercise that improves the coordination of the limbs, waist, abdomen, and back, as well as enhances heart and lung function.

3. Single abdominal plate
The single abdominal plate can also be called the supine plate. First, it is placed on the supine instrument. The foot is hooked on the beam, the hands are protected by the back of the head, and the abdomen is forced to do the sit-up exercise. It can enhance the strength and elasticity of the waist and abdomen muscles, and help the model to be strong and handsome for the abdomen that can effectively entice the muscles.

4. Treadmill
The treadmill is also a very important fitness equipment in the community. The exerciser holds the handrail with both hands and then uses the foot to step on the roller for running. It works in the same way as it does. It exercises the muscles of the legs and feet, strengthens the heart and lungs, and improves blood circulation.

5. Waist turning device
Waist torsion is also known as waist twisting. They are usually made for two or three people. When they are used, they should hold the handle with both hands and stand on the circular pedal below, balancing the feet. It enhances the strength of the waist and increases the flexibility and flexibility of the waist.

6. Tai Chi push board
Tai Chi push plate is also a common community fitness equipment, which consists of a pole and four discs. While exercising, standing or kneeling, hold the handle of the turntable with both hands and slowly rotate in the same or opposite directions as if you were making a Tai Chi button. This is the shoulder of the exerciser


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