Why it is important to know how to correct your posture to improve your beauty.


The beauty of body shape is directly related to the correct posture habits. If you do not pay attention to normal posture training, the sense of harmony of the body will become worse. How to correct posture and enhance the beauty of body lines?

If you do a lot of push, your front muscles will be stronger, just like your chest muscles, your back muscles are as weak as your back muscles. This causes the head to tilt forward and the back to tilt forward. Severe cases can also cause muscle pain in the neck.

What we should do is to relax the anterior muscles and exercise the back muscles. Deliberately keeping the spine neutral will not improve your posture. We should stretch the spine more to resist overstretched muscles, and don’t forget to stretch and activate the weak lateral muscles.

In order to solve these problems, the rear arch bridge is a good choice. It helps to activate the trapezius, erector spine, rhomboid and cervical flexors while stretching your anterior muscles such as the pectoral muscles, triceps and neck extensors. To do this, be sure to straighten your arms, tighten the shoulder blades and chin, and stretch the spine as much as possible.

You can do this with your palm facing forward or backward. If your palm is facing forward, activate the rotator cuff by turning the elbow outward toward the palm to improve shoulder stability. Raising the body at this time will help stretch the fascia of the pectoralis major and deltoid muscles, which is also important for round shoulders.

The second step is to lean your pelvis against the floor and lift your arm forward and upward. This is a great way to stretch your shoulders, perfect for handstands and other pushes. Be careful not to bend your arms and lift the shoulder blades and arms as much as possible.
There are also some changes, including raising your arms and shoulder blades horizontally behind you to exercise your diamonds and trapezius.

This allows for a more forward extension of the deltoid muscle due to the presence of horizontal variants and of course a downward arm variant. In all three movements, tighten the chin and look at the ground, activate the flexor neck muscles and stretch the neck extensors. The external rotation of the arm can better relax the internal rotation muscles. Of course, don’t forget to stretch the thoracic spine so that the spine remains straight.

Our bad hunchback problems are usually caused by bad habits in childhood. If we don’t pay attention to correcting them, these problems will always accompany us. The key to changing posture is to make proper posture correction.

To correct your bad posture habits, the correct posture training can improve the body. At present, there are also large-scale training amateurs in the country. Ordinary dances also maintain posture training during training, all of which show good performance. The importance of posture to the beauty of the body can be said that your body posture is good, and it has greatly improved your personal image.


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