Nowadays, many boys begin to pay attention to fitness, because we all find that a good figure is very important, but if you want to exercise, and not just can start fitness, you must first develop a fitness plan to make yourself fit. Many boys still need a process at the beginning of their fitness, not that you can do high-intensity sports, so today we will take a look at the necessary men’s primary fitness program!

first day
Basically when you start training, you start with the chest and triceps, because when you start training, you will deal with them at the same time, and most of the exercises you are working on at the same time, so you can continue to train them both. at the same time. But at the beginning of exercise intensity, make sure they are acceptable, not too big.

the next day
After exercising the chest and triceps, we can start exercising the shoulder muscles, because the shoulder muscles also contain the deltoid and trapezius muscles. These two muscles are actually very close, so if we work for one, we will definitely work. other. So these two places can also be put together to train, you can find some methods.

Third day
The muscles on the back are what we need to exercise, and on the third day after exercising other muscles, you can find some exercise to exercise your back muscles.

Fourth day
The quadriceps in our legs are what we need to do after a long time of doing it. We have been doing it for three days, so we can start the initial quadriceps and calf muscles.

Fifth day
Abdominal muscles are what everyone wants to have, and they are not so easy to exercise, so at the end, the muscles of the abdominal muscles and the lower arms can work together.

On the sixth and seventh days, you should set aside some time to rest and let your muscles get some rest, because there is no way to train with high intensity. If this is the case, there is no way to grow your muscles.

After reading the timetable above, I don’t know what kind of ideas we have. If you still want to think about fitness, then I hope that you can improve quickly, not only to think, but also to pay. Action!


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