Can you be pregnant? Pregnancy fitness precautions


For traditional Chinese, in order to avoid breathing, you must rest more. true?

For normal people, regular exercise can not only maintain good health, consume excess calories, but also improve the body’s ability to adapt, thereby improving the quality of daily life.

Pregnant mother is no exception!

Proper exercise during pregnancy can reduce discomfort, improve blood circulation, increase appetite, prevent excessive weight gain, and promote childbirth and postpartum recovery.

In May 2015, the National Library of Medicine also published a study on the effects of prenatal exercise on fetal growth, which showed that prenatal exercise reduced the risk of overweight children by 31%. Pregnant women gain less weight during pregnancy and are less likely to have a caesarean section.

And prenatal exercise regularly:
Your baby will not be overweight (more than 4 kg or more).
Caesarean section is not needed.
Less premature birth and low birth weight.
In addition to the above studies, regular exercise can reduce many complications and discomforts and has the following benefits:

(a) Help pregnant mothers better understand their physical changes during pregnancy.
Promotes muscle strength and balance, maintains good posture, prevents back pain and muscle and joint pain… Waiting is uncomfortable.
Improves blood circulation, improves cardio-pulmonary health and muscle health, and relieves varicose veins.
(4) relieve gastrointestinal discomfort and constipation.
(v) relieve the shackles of the legs.
(6) Strengthening abdominal muscles is conducive to production.
(7) can speed up postpartum recovery and help to deal with postpartum depression.
(8) Helps restore the range of motion of the swollen joints, thereby reducing the symptoms of edema.
(ix) Promote the mental health of pregnant women and help them cope with all kinds of stress, anxiety and depression during pregnancy.
(x) Prevention of gestational diabetes, especially in women with a body mass index > 33.

Tips for pregnant women:
After pregnancy, it is assessed by a doctor. Without the risk of miscarriage, you can start and develop exercise habits.

If you have no exercise habits before pregnancy, you can do some more common exercises like Pilates, yoga…etc., can strengthen the training of the pelvic peripheral muscles, help vaginal delivery, and deal with the production Physical exertion.

If you have pre-pregnancy weight training habits, you can continue training at any time within a reasonable and safe range!

Also, because of pregnancy, you can increase blood flow in the body by 10 to 20%, and the heart is more loaded. You can also choose to walk healthily and gently enhance your heart and lung function.


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