People who have a lot of time to exercise should choose the right way to exercise. Exercise at home can also improve our health. Then what should we do?

Let us first find out what to do at home. Complete exercise can exercise all the muscles of the body, including the chest, abdomen, shoulders, arms, forearms, legs, back and more.

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Classic exercises include:

1.Pull up
Don’t rely too much on your arm when doing pull-ups. Use your shoulders to increase your muscles.

2. Push-ups
There are many types of push-ups, including one-handed, two-handed, high and low.

3. Dumbbell exercises
The chair can be practiced with dumbbells. The key to exercise is not to make the joints safe. The extra home fitness dumbbells should not be overweight. The training effect of different training groups will be better.

Abdominal rolling is a classic abdominal exercise that can be performed in a variety of different postures.

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5. Extend the arm
This arm drill is a good way to exercise your triceps, chest and deltoid muscles, but it requires strength.

Practice the ace movements on your thighs, and you can do it at home with less than the full weight of the gym.

7. Hip Hop Bridge
Suitable for women to practice, the hip bridge can stimulate the big muscles of the buttocks and make the buttocks more wired.

8. Planck
Before the most popular core strength training exercise, the movement is required to be in place, the effect of the training will be better, and the exercise points must be mastered during the exercise to avoid unnecessary injury.

The impact of domestic fitness on practice will be better and better, and it is very important to make the exercise effect better, to keep exercising, to ensure the accuracy of exercise, and to mix nutrition.


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