Due to lack of exercise, office workers sit in front of the computer all the year, causing muscle strength and unable to support the body, so it is easy to back pain, and even the body line will be deformed with the passage of time. The “lifebuoy” formed on the waistline is getting bigger and bigger. At the same time, because the short muscles between the deep muscle tissue and the single spine in the abdomen are difficult to exercise, they gradually shrink, forming a cruciform pain area, back pain and neck stiffness.

More suitable for office workers, such as:
Pilates: Pilates helps to re-stretch tense muscles, such as deep massage, while increasing muscle endurance and redistributing body pressure. Pilates is mainly used to exercise the muscles of the abdomen, waist, back and buttocks. It can discharge the “lifebuoy” and relieve the pressure on the heart. It is quite suitable for office workers. Pilates is a very good sport, but the accuracy of the Pilates exercise is very high. Only experienced one-on-one professional coaches can make the movements in place.

The force of the force, the force of the force is simple and effective, you can also combine yoga, Pilates and other actions, more effective exercise muscle groups difficult to exercise, make exercise more effective. The swing of the flying stone can penetrate deep into the deep musculature of the back, prevent the problem of the lumbosacral region, and can also sit for a long time and exercise the lower limbs of the lower limbs in a soft manner. Whether you’re doing a full-body workout with felix, abdomen, or even a Pilates workout, you can use it. He can sit in front of the computer for a long time to ease shoulder fatigue. Fly rods can be used whether sitting, standing, moving or balancing. Regular exercise with a filling stick strengthens the deep torso muscles, beautifies posture, and prevents back problems and disc problems.

You can also take advantage of the office environment and other office-friendly activities such as:

Stretch the trapezius: Raise the left arm, then bend the top of the head and hold the right ear while the head naturally tilts to the left. Relax your right shoulder and shrug as much as possible.

Back flexing and stretching on the table: Place your arms straight on the table so that the torso is as close as possible to the front of the thigh. When bending forward, bend the waist, chest and cervical vertebra in turn, and finally bury the head between the arms and press the torso onto the thighs.

Spinal twisting practice: sit on the office chair, tighten the lower abdomen, lift your arms forward, look at your arm, turn left, keep your hips stable, neither forward nor backward, keep your upper body straight.


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