Why continue to exercise?


Exercise is an important factor in maintaining good health. As early as 2,400 years ago, the father of medicine, Hippocrates, said: “Sun, air, water and exercise are the source of life and health. Life and health depend on the sun, the air, the water and the movement. You can make youth, spirit. Life is in sports, you can benefit from it. Everyone’s circle of friends has thousands of fitness experts every day. Every day, watching the growth of data, your heart is still so calm? We know that sports Not a day, you need to exercise every year. As for the specific benefits of exercising, here are some examples:

First is sleeping

Modern people are under tremendous pressure and suffer from insomnia. In addition, as people age, their sleep patterns will change and they will become easier. Studies have shown that women who walk at least one hour a week and other aerobic exercises sleep 50% better than women who do not have four walks and other aerobic exercises. So sticking to exercise can be a very effective sleeping pill.

The second is to control the weight to keep fit.

Exercise is a necessary condition for staying healthy. Exercise, especially aerobic exercise, requires burning fat to provide energy. During exercise, calories burn, which has the effect of reducing fat. In addition, some strength exercises can exercise the muscles well, enhance the metabolic capacity, increase the daily energy consumption, avoid the accumulation of heat to form fat, and also make the muscles wired, so that a person becomes strong, handsome, and sunny.

The third is delayed aging to extend life.

With the increase of age, the functions of the human body will be reduced, and the exercise will increase the muscle mass, and the old people can also have a good physical condition, and the exercise can make their respective functions decline. The body system is slow and prolongs life. Reported abroad, people go to middle age, insist that aerobic exercise can delay physical aging for 12 years.

Fourth, sports can improve intelligence.

The height of a person’s IQ depends on heredity, nutritional status, education and other factors. However, exercise is also an important aspect of intelligence. Exercise can not only enhance people’s physique, but also promote brain development, improve and improve brain function, and promote intellectual development. Professor Joseph Foebel from the University of Montreal, Canada, worked with Manchester United on a three-year study. Their recent report found that top players outperformed ordinary doctoral students in cognitive performance. They are better at mastering new skills.

The fifth is to reduce the risk of cancer

Lack of exercise is an important cause of obesity. A growing body of epidemiological evidence suggests that obesity increases the morbidity and mortality of certain cancers, such as endometrial cancer, breast cancer, esophageal cancer, and colorectal cancer. Therefore, consistent exercise and weight control can reduce the risk of cancer.

The sixth is to eliminate brain fatigue and improve learning and work efficiency.

Exercise is a means of active rest, because during exercise, the nerve center associated with exercise is stimulated, and the center associated with cultural studies enters a state of depression. This inhibition is enhanced by the excitement of the sports center, and the inhibition is deeper, so that the nerve center using cultural learning gets a good rest and plays a protective role. Post-study physical exercise also increased the supply of oxygen and nutrients and improved brain function.

The above is the benefit of sports. As the saying goes, life is exercise. In normal life, we must adhere to our own sports. Exercise can help us sleep, we can maintain weight, maintain good body, exercise can slow down aging, and extend our Life can also improve brain function and strengthen our memory!

Extended Information:

Physical exercise is a physical activity aimed at developing the body, improving health, strengthening physical fitness, regulating the spirit and enriching cultural life. Since ancient times, humans have imitated labor, fighting, various sports in life, certain phenomena in nature and animal movements as the content and methods of physical exercise. Physical exercise can prolong life, strengthen the body, improve metabolism, make organs update faster, reduce the incidence of disease; it can also improve immunity and fight disease. It can also improve body shape, relax nerves and relieve fatigue. You can also make friends, make you cheerful, improve your self-confidence, and open your heart.


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