Studies have shown that when the outdoor terrain is rugged and changes in movement, there is often wind to improve the resistance. The body energy will obviously exceed the sneakers on the treadmill, running on the treadmill. Of course, the two fast-moving suits are suitable for indoor and outdoor, but In order to increase the change, it will be a good choice to join the sports park fitness program! Some of the bench movements below are by sports scientist Steve. Mailer designed it, and the rest is the movement that the author believes has worked well for years!

Find trees, trails or park benches and you can start practicing!

Do the following two to four times, alternating for three to six minutes. Move as fast as possible and make as many turns as possible within a limited time.

Put on old clothes and go to the park
Land on all fours and move on the ground as quickly as possible
3. Change the action – move your hands and feet, move or move to one side with both hands
First of all,? Reduce (such as tracking something through the bush).
5. Increase your height and crawl again for 10 seconds!


If you are not afraid of dirt, this action is also very good.
1. The logs or stones used should not be too heavy and not easy to lift.
Kneeling from your knees (back straight), pick up the weight of your choice and lift it, preferably shoulder level
If it is too heavy, straighten your arms and keep it horizontal to keep your spine straight
4. Move the weight ten meters to move as fast as possible


Stand up and your feet up? Partially wide, straight back
Bend your knees, place your hips on the floor, and kneel down as low as possible
3. The posture should be relaxed and the heel should not leave the ground.
4. The arm can be hung in front of the body and the head should be in line with the spine.
If it’s not possible for a while, put yourself on a bench or tree and keep it for 15 seconds!


1. Face the bench, put your hands on the edge of the chair, then move your legs back
2. Lift one knee up and then put your foot back to the starting position
Keep your feet on the ground. The goal is to simulate a sprint

push ups

1. Place your hands on the front edge of the workbench, use your body to make a straight posture, and support your weight with your feet and elbows (bend 90 degrees)
Don’t bend over. Do not sag
3. Keep your arms up and down until the elbow is 90 degrees
4. If you do this
Standing on the bench

1. Face the bench, put your hands on the edge of the chair, then move your legs back
2. The right leg should be forwardly crossed, aligned with the right hand, and the foot should not exceed the body.
3. Stand on your right heel
Take a step back, return to the starting position, then change legs to continu

Jumping down

1.Place the handle on the surface of the workbench
2.Bend your elbows and straighten yourself
3. Jump your legs on the bench, then return to the starting position, keep your hands on the surface of the bench.


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