Fitness options vary by age


Each age group has a different physical condition. Fitness methods that are suitable for us are important in reducing fat, shaping and strengthening muscles. Poor exercise can have a negative impact on the body.

20 years old is also the peak period of physical function. At this point, cardio, bone sensitivity, bouncing and other physical abilities are the best times. You can practice more strength training and exercise for the chest, waist, back and leg muscles for different sports.

30, time is not so strong, energy metabolism slows down, and you don’t exercise. You will find that the shape is also slowly distorted, the waist circumference, the hip circumference is rough, the choice of sports, don’t choose too strength training, low-intensity aerobic proper strength training Sufficiently matched, in theory, keep your body in good condition for every exercise.

At this time, over 40 years old, physical excess reserves are often, in addition to fitness, you need to arrange your own diet structure, reduce the intake of high-calorie foods, the choice of exercise intensity is also a bit low, like walking, jogging these are not too Violent sports are more suitable for a little bit.

Over 60 years old, you should pay more attention to maintaining your physical condition, such as square dance, Tai Chi, which can relax your body and mind is the most suitable exercise. If the body bones are not a big problem, you can also try to do yoga. These simple exercises can make you The body is healthier.

Now is an era of national fitness, fitness methods suitable for our age are more suitable for different groups of people. Knowing this, we will have a clearer direction of physical exercise.


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