Improve immunity

Winter is a season of disease, especially in the office work, due to indoor and outdoor temperature differences, coupled with winter environmental pollution, it is more prone to various diseases. Here are some simple and practical ways to improve your immunity:

Sleep is closely related to the body’s immunity. The famous immunologists found through a “self-sleep” test that good sleep can significantly increase the number of two lymphocytes in the body. Medical experts have shown that during sleep, the body produces a sleep factor called cytosine, which causes white blood cells to increase, macrophages become active, and the liver detoxifies to eliminate invading bacteria and viruses.

Second, maintaining an optimistic attitude can keep the human body in the best state, especially in today’s society, people are under great pressure. The enormous psychological pressure will cause the body’s immune system to inhibit the increase of hormone components, which is easy to catch a cold or other illnesses.

Third, limit the consumption of low-grade liquor to no more than 100 ml per day, rice wine does not exceed 250 ml, beer does not exceed 1 bottle, because alcohol will have a negative impact on various parts of the human body. Even if you drink wine to lower your cholesterol, you can limit it to one cup a day. Excessive drinking can cause serious damage to the blood, heart and other organs.

Three studies conducted by sports experts showed that 30 to 45 minutes of exercise per day, 5 days of exercise per week, and 12 weeks of continuous exercise, the number of immune cells will increase and the resistance will increase relatively. As long as your heart rate increases, you can take a walk after dinner.

Vitamin supplements daily with proper vitamin and mineral supplements. Experts point out that the body’s defense against foreign aggression, including the quantity and vitality of interferon and various immune cells, is related to vitamins and minerals.

Research and use of microecological preparations to improve immunity has a long history. Studies have shown that bacterial populations represented by Bifidobacteria and Lactobacillus have a broad spectrum of immunogenicity and can stimulate the body to be responsible for the division of immune lymphocytes, while also transferring non-specific immune systems to “eat” “, including viruses, bacteria and chlamydia, a variety of pathogenic foreign microorganisms, can produce a variety of antibodies, improve human immunity. For healthy people, it is advisable to “feed the treatment” and eat more lactic acid bacteria beverages; in healthy marginalized populations, microecological preparations can be used to regulate the micro-ecological balance in the body.
Immune enhancing food

1. Ganoderma lucidum: Ganoderma lucidum can enhance the body’s immunity, because Ganoderma lucidum contains the anti-cancer effect of polysaccharides, in addition, it is also rich in strontium. It can accelerate the body’s metabolism, delay cell aging, and exert its anticancer effect by inducing the body to produce interferon.

2. Fresh radish: It has an immune function due to its rich interferon inducer;

3. Ginseng Royal Jelly: It can improve human immunity and endocrine regulation, and contains propolis with anti-cancer effect;

4. Mushrooms, Hericium erinaceus, straw, black fungus, white fungus, car culture, lily, etc.: can significantly enhance immunity;

Lentinus edodes: Lentinus edodes contain lentinan, which enhances human immunity.


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