How to learn how to relax properly


Many runners are familiar with muscle stiffness, especially for beginners with poor athletic ability. In many cases, long hours of running, frequent muscle contraction and accumulation of waste, and lack of adequate stretching and relaxation often lead to muscle elasticity, stiffness and tension.

Dynamic stretching before running and static stretching after running are well known. But now there may be a lot of runners who will find this phenomenon: stretching after training, muscles may temporarily relax, and before the next training or competition, there are also prepared activities and stretching exercises, but the running time is not long, but Muscles and become very nervous, most of our journeys are running in a stiff physical condition. All the preparations have vanished. why?

To understand why stretch does not work, it is important to understand its effects and the difference between running and resting muscle tone.

Muscle tension after exercise

Under normal conditions, the muscles are elastic. It can be reduced and shortened, but it can also stretch and stretch. It excels at stretching and shortening.

If you do not stretch after training, rest directly, then muscle tension and decreased elasticity will increase local pressure, cause local inflammatory factors, metabolic waste, slow recovery of fatigue in time, the whole body is accompanied by fatigue of the next training, which is easy to cause fatigue Cumulative pain and less muscle elasticity.

After the training, the muscle stiffness will be relieved to some extent after static pulling. This fully proves that traction can effectively alleviate muscle stiffness after exercise, and this immediate effect is very obvious.

But preventing or reducing muscle stiffness during running is not easy.

Muscle tension while running

When you run, your muscles contract repeatedly. If the muscle is in a contracted state too much, its length tends to shorten, the tension increases, and lactic acid and metabolic waste accumulate, which reduces muscle elasticity and contraction.

The reduction of muscle stretch is also equivalent to “when the impact of the same energy is absorbed, the distance of muscle work will be reduced, and the impact force will be greater according to the functional principle”, which will increase the impact of excessive operation, strain damage The seeds will be buried.

Over time, it naturally causes injuries and pain. Pain itself can also lead to protective paralysis, which can further exacerbate tension and create a vicious circle.

Muscle stiffness also reduces coordination and effectiveness. In other words, the running posture looks very stiff. The area that needs to be relaxed is very stressful and can cause unnecessary, unnecessary muscle contractions. The result is that you burn more energy than others, your body bears more of the burden than others, and your running speed is not as good as others.


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