In order to reduce fat, many people set a lot of plans for themselves, so they can have the effect of reducing fat. However, whether it is to reduce fat or exercise, it should be reasonable. It should not hurt your body for the purpose. So, what about women’s fitness weight loss programs? Let’s see.

rope skipping
Monday: chest training + skipping for 20 minutes
Flat barbell bench press 4 sets x20, tilting dumbbell bench press 4 sets x20, flat dumbbell 4 sets x20, butterfly clip chest 4 sets x20, instrument bird 4 sets x20.

The secret of losing weight and losing weight: switching between groups can only take the rest of the next device, no extra rest, so it is more conducive to hormone secretion. Add aerobic rope to your anaerobic training to help you achieve your weight loss plan faster. The advantages of girls practicing fitness chest: girls practicing the chest can enhance the strength of the chest muscles, can make the chest straighter and prevent prolapse.

Tuesday: Back training + 20 minutes of running on the treadmill
Pull 5 sets of x20 in the high position, 5 sets of x20 for bending the barbell rowing, 4 sets of x20 for single-arm dumbbell rowing, 3 sets of x20 for straight arms, and 3 sets of x20 for goats.

Tips for losing weight and fat: Don’t pull in the process of excessive leaning forward or backward. Pay special attention to your back training on this day. If you can’t guarantee the correct posture, you may get injured in the spine. The average person in the gym has more treadmills. I remember that after running for a few minutes, I ran and stopped running. I climbed the mountain and ran hips.

The benefits of back training for girls: Strong back muscles can help you move your spine and avoid wrong postures. Practice your back, hunchback, round shoulders and other bad postures are far away from you.

Wednesday: shoulder work + spin to lose weight
4 sets of x20 are in front of the barbell neck, 3 sets of x20 raise the one-armed dumbbell horizontally on the side, 4 sets of x20 in the inclined birds, 3 sets of x20 in front of the single-armed dumbbell, and 5 sets of x20 in the rear to raise the inclined plate dumbbell.

Weight Loss Tip: Do better with breathing strength training. Rotation helps to remove glycogen from the body, because today’s exercise time is very long, so eat a banana 30 minutes to an hour before the start of exercise.

The advantage of girl body training shoulder: the shoulder is the key to prop up a piece of clothing, the good shoulders of the whole person come out, it will not easily hump, the posture is more standing, the girl must practice shoulders, the temperament can be better.

Thursday: Arm + Ellipse 20 minutes
Dumbbell 4 sets x20, concentrated 4 sets x20, slanted plate 3 sets x20, narrow bench press 4 sets x20, backhand back arm bending and stretching 4 sets x20, single arm tractor 3 sets x20.

Weight loss and fat reduction measures: Train the arm muscles with dumbbells, pay attention to let go slow, at least 3 seconds, feel stretched. Lift the dumbbell as fast as possible. The elliptical machine helps to improve physical endurance and exercise cardiopulmonary function. The elliptical machine has a relatively small impact on the knee relative to the treadmill. A heavy friend can put all running exercises into the elliptical machine.

The benefits of a girl’s fitness arm: arm exercises to wear short sleeves will show tight, slender and strong arm lines.

Friday: Leg Training + Rowing Machine Aerobics
4 sets of x20 free squats, 3 sets of x20 45 degree inverted pedals, 5 sets of x20 devices with double bends, 2 sets of x35 frog jumps, 4 sets of x100 x2 single lifting bells, and 2 sets of x20 sitting legs flexed.

Rowing machines are a common aerobic machine in large gyms. If you have a gym, you can use other aerobic exercises instead of rowing machines for aerobics. When sitting in a sitting position, the influence of the joints of the lower limbs is relatively small. This is an aerobic exercise that requires the participation of the whole body muscles, and can have a good weight loss and fat loss effect.


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