As for the human fishing line, we are all familiar with it. Human fishing lines are a feature of perfect body. In fact, there are many ways to train a person’s fishing line, such as a bar lift. Besides, there are other ways, I believe many people don’t know. So how do you train a man’s fishing line? Let us now understand the training method of the fishing line.

1.a line
How to train a boy’s fishing line
Waist rotating machine
This action requires you to sit on the device, and then the electric thigh is also clamped on the chest, the body rotates, the direction of rotation is left or right, but we complete the action side, then return to the original position, to the other side Do it again. Switching from left to right is a great way to train your production line, and it can also help you get more balanced lines. Basically, this movement is not very strong, so you can do it about 15 to 20 times a day. However, it should be noted that the upper body must be attached to the mat to complete the entire exercise.

2. Abdominal trainer
This kind of exercise also requires us to keep it flat on the device, but the two hands hold the device, but the two hands hold the device, so that our body has a sense of balance and will not fall into the movement. Next, our feet should also be bent. When we adjust the weight to the appropriate combination, we can start the following actions. First, the body can make a curl, then the body is up, and can last 15 to 20 times after exercise, that is, the process between the body is curling and relaxing, but the body is not too relaxed when it returns to its original shape.

3. Lift
This includes placing your arms on the mat and separating the shoulder width. Next, keep your head in the normal position, look straight ahead, and the mat is in front of you. We want to use the abdominal force to complete the action, let the abdomen adduct, the action is also prohibited to keep for 15~20 seconds, in the process, you can exercise your stomach well, but the buttocks can not go up, and in the process, do not Exhale, keep your breathing smooth, and get the job done better.

How long can a human fishing line practice?
It varies from person to person and usually takes 1-3 months.

Because everyone’s body fat, exercise and exercise intensity will be different, so how long does it take to build this line, because the body’s fat content is low, correct, plus continuous exercise, one month, people can clearly see To the line, but if the body fat is high and need to lose weight, it may take 3 months or longer to practice it.

Body fat is the fishing line for men
10% – 12%.

Generally speaking, to train a mermaid line, the body fat should be around 20%. At this time, the waist and abdomen are loose in every part of the body. When you exercise, you can see a line of mermaid. The body fat drops to 6%-13%. It is male. Ideal body, the body does not relax in all parts of the body, the mermaid line and abdominal muscles are obvious.


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