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Although many girls are trying to lose weight,there are many obese men who also need to lose weight very much. Losing weight can not only help you have a healthy body, but also make you more confident in shaping, and your personality will become many and many. Then we will get together to understand men’s weight loss, sports diet, if you are interested, you can study together!

Fat reduction diet
On Monday, you can enjoy boiled eggs and soy milk at breakfast. At this time, the soy milk should be sugar-free. Then, you can eat cold dishes such as cucumbers, add soup and rice at lunch. In the evening, not only is it easy to eat fruit, you can eat some fruit, but the main food is also eaten, you can use roughage instead.

Tuesday, 2.
Breakfast can not only eat soy milk and boiled eggs, but also a bowl of millet porridge. At this time, eating millet porridge is to help you wake up the morning energy. At noon is also a bowl of rice, choose some vegetables, more suitable for vegetables, fresh vegetables. , the season of boiled eggs. In the evening, you can choose fruits such as cucumbers, or you can choose corn or whole grains.

Wednesday, 3.
You can eat cooked eggs at breakfast, but since you ate them on Mondays and Tuesdays, it is best to remove the egg yolks and add a cup of skimmed milk. Some chicken breasts have lunch, some rice, porridge and some fruit for dinner.

Thursday, 4.
A bowl of rice porridge for breakfast, half a bowl of rice at noon, and then add fresh vegetables, here is recommended fried bitter gourd, dinner can eat some peanuts, with red skin.

A poached egg breakfast, a small bowl of noodles for lunch, you can choose some good side dishes, such as green fried shrimp, seaweed soup, you can eat a bowl of porridge online, if you feel hungry, you can eat some whole wheat bread. After the weekend, you can return to a normal diet and reduce high-calorie foods and spicy foods.

It can be seen that it is not an easy task to lose weight. We need to learn diet, adjust the basis of diet and add certain exercise to make the effect better.

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