Men’s 4 free practice


With the upsurge of fitness trends, more and more young people join the ranks of fitness, especially the male friends who pursue perfect shape, and also have a great pursuit of fitness. But many people may not be able to carry the device with them at any time because of the time, so look at the male 6 hand-painted fitness exercises.

Inverted, tested balance and overall health are a set of difficult moves that not everyone can do at the beginning. Therefore, if you want to stand on your own head, it is best to complete it with the help of a professional. So you won’t get hurt.

push ups
Push-ups are a kind of freehand fitness exercise favored by male friends. Because push-ups can be carried out anytime and anywhere, there is not much demand for the environment, but for male friends, the physical quality requirements are relatively high, you need to test the balance of the body, especially the arm strength and waist strength. The standard set 30 to 60 can be used for about 5 sets per day.

Squats are also a very familiar sport and a relatively simple sport that everyone can do. There are many types of squats, the most common of which is the standard squat, which can extend deep into the wall. This is all about endurance.

Pull-ups are not easy, and even men who exercise regularly struggle. But it does work on our arm muscles, especially the biceps and triceps, which also serve our sense of balance. The pull-ups are not completely free, but they can be done with simple AIDS, such as horizontal bars or parallel bars.

Exercise not only helps our body shape, but also helps our health. Therefore, physical exercise may be a good exercise for us, especially for male friends who like sports, and now study these hands-on exercises.


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