The 38-function fitness device is a new type of home strength training fitness device with a new design.

It uses weight and natural systems to provide exercisers with different types of training without the need for heavy objects such as belts, wire ropes and springs. This design takes full advantage of the features of the part.

In order to be sold to the international market, the main materials of the equipment are imported. The equipment is simple in structure and takes only a few seconds to complete the adjustment time required for the training program.

Training can be divided into chest, back, shoulders, calves, forearms and abdomen.

1. Sitting forward: chest, deltoid muscle. 2. Push forward obliquely: upper chest muscles, deltoid muscles. 3. Tilt forward and firm grip: inside the pectoralis major, triceps. 4. Vertical chest compressions: chest muscles, triceps. His Majesty: Upper Lumbar Muscle and Biceps. 6. Sitting on the chest: upper lumbar muscles, intercostal muscles. 7跪 chest pull down: upper back muscles, biceps. 8. Bend the upper body: upper back muscles. 9. Back expansion: waist muscles. 10. Straight leg lift: upper back muscles. 11. Sitting behind the neck: deltoid, back neck. 12. Underarm lifting: deltoid muscle. Shoulder shrug: back neck, deltoid muscle. 14. Vertical hem: deltoid, posterior cervical muscles. 15. Side lying: shoulder muscles. Sitting behind the neck: deltoid, back neck. 17. Lateral lift: deltoid and posterior neck muscles. Lift forward: anterior deltoid, posterior cervical vertebra. Front 蹲: quadriceps, arm. 20. Lift the legs (three positions): long bones of the humerus, buttocks. Posterior lift: muscle groups on the back, rope muscles. 22. Weight-bearing squat: quadriceps, buttocks, long bones of the tibia.肱 triceps sag: triceps robbing. Triceps press advanced training: triceps. Bending elbow: biceps. 26. Traditional arm flexion and extension: pectoralis major, triceps. 27. Focus on the biceps. 28. Reverse contraction: forearm muscles, biceps. Arm contraction: Forearm muscle mass. Bending elbow: triceps. French elevator: triceps. Sitting knees bent: abdominal muscles. Sit down: Absolutely. 34. Lateral flexion and extension: the anterior portion of the lumbar and dentate muscles. 35. Torsion: intercostal muscles. 36. Leg lifts: abs. Sitting up in Roman style – sit: absolutely.

Fitness equipment is suitable for people of all ages and different physical conditions, especially for young and middle-aged people and people with long-term inactivity and muscle atrophy. Different levels of training can adapt to different people to carry out high-speed, constructive or wasteful training to achieve their own strength, strengthen muscles and reduce fat.

Note: Do a warm up for 5-10 minutes before exercise. Step by step instead of exceeding the limit.


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