AD abdomen machine


[AD Tummy Tucker] certified by the National Quality and Safety Commission, the Hollywood Star Weight Loss Machine, the world’s most stupid belly tucker. You can listen to music you like, watch your favorite TV, and shake easily. Exercise your abdomen and massage your back. Applicable to beer belly, mahjong abdomen, postpartum abdomen, swimming abdomen, 5 minutes a day, easy to shake, shake off the abdomen, shake the waist, easy.

New abdominal exercise machine, old rolling pulley. Using the latest sports, it effectively protects the damage of the pulley from the floor and makes better use of its own weight to achieve the purpose of exercising. The new abdomen machine uses 4 manganese steel springs, which have stronger tensile force and high elastic rubber cotton on the back, which makes the massage more comfortable and durable!

Non-slip yoga mat
High quality PVC super thick mat, solid and non-slip, soft and comfortable.
Adjustable cervical massager
Imported cervical vertebra massage cushion, double nursing cervical spine health care at the same time!
Comfortable lumbar decompression system
The aerospace metal support shaft can withstand the body weight of 150kg, 1 million times without damage, and the high-elastic pill device is easy to thin waist.
High elasticity soft rubber foam
Highly elastic and soft rubber, comfortable and not easily damaged, making the back easier and the blood smoother!
Roller massage back
Imported skateboard mute rubber wheel, while exercising, while rolling back massage, dredge channels and collaterals!

Combine body, aerobic, stretching, decompression, and massage in five effects.
Ergonomics and mechanical structure design, no skills, quick experience, easy to use.
Efficiently exercise the waist, abdomen, arms, and leg muscles to achieve a cosmetic effect.
Stretch and relieve pressure on the back and waist.

According to the principle of abdominal kinematics, the upper part of the head, shoulders and back is only 30-60 degrees away from the ground, so that the exercise relies entirely on the abdominal force, so that all the muscles of the abdomen move, and the slimming effect is best. Three sets of elastic devices fully meet different sports requirements. Backrest soft rubber, backrest rolling massage.

Health: Myrrh, no diet, no effort, abdomen and chiropractic relaxation at the same time: shaking 5 minutes is equivalent to 500 sit-ups: 10 cents a day, shaking your stomach, shaking your body

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