Dumbbell bench press 3 variations!


Dumbbell bench presses are one of themost popular sports in the gym. It stimulates the chest muscles more than a barbell!

Compared to barbells, dumbbells have a more free range of motion and a wider range of motion!
At the same time, dumbbells can also be used for one-handed action! Can help correct your left and right muscle imbalances,
Dumbbells also have the added benefit of improving core stability! Dumbbells have more freedom, which requires you to activate more sports units to stabilize your body!
Traditional dumbbell bench press I believe we are very familiar! Today I am going to bring you some unusual 3 bench press changes! Each has its own advantages! The goal is to make you stronger!

1. One-handed dumbbell bench press

Advantages: Unilateral stimulation, anti-rotation core strength training!
When you press nearly half of your weight with one hand, your body feels pushed to the other side, and you must forcefully shrink your core and lower limbs to resist rotation and balance.
How to do it?
Lying on the bench (recommended to hang 1/3 to 1/2 of the body on the bench, forcing the core to tighten and activate the buttocks), relax the shoulders, and hold the dumbbell elbows with one hand about 45 degrees away from the body. Another hanging hand helps to maintain balance.
Slowly push the dumbbell up, although the hand is straight, be careful not to completely lock the elbow, do not quickly get up and down, slowly return to the beginning of the action.

2. Alternate dumbbell bench press
Advantages: Unilateral stimulation, increase muscle tension time and improve shoulder stability!
Action process:
The starting position is the same as the traditional bench press. The dumbbell is then held in place while the other hand is eccentrically contracted and the dumbbell is lowered. Feel that the chest muscles are stretched. Hold the dumbbell when you reach the bottom.
Slowly push the dumbbell up, straighten the arm and secure it in place. Then start the other hand to push the same level, one for each hand.

3. Press the dumbbell
Advantages: medial pectoral muscle
With a narrow distance, the grip increases the range of shoulder access! Better call the inside of the pectoralis major

1. Sit on the side of the bench press with a pair of dumbbells.
Lying on your back, holding the dumbbells on your chest, starting from your arm as straight as possible, while the inside of the dumbbells are in contact with each other
3. Place the dumbbells on your chest, keep the dumbbells in contact, and keep them as close as possible.
4. When the dumbbell hits your chest, push the dumbbell up, squeeze the chest muscles when you reach the top, and hold the dumbbells together again. You need to keep the whole process slow.


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