Many people know that there are many ways to train the gluteus maximus, but each training method has different effects, some methods are very good, some methods are not very good, and the gluteus maximus training method, I believe many people know what method is. So, what are the methods for exercising gluteus maximus? Let’s see the gluteus maximus

Lying on your hind legs
Lift your legs and raise your legs
How do you do sit-ups? Sitting on a leg lift that can be tilted 45 degrees, or lying flat on the mat of the vertical leg lifter, the left foot is stepped on the pedal, and the legs and hips form a straight line. Make sure your upper back is straight with your hips and your left foot is on the pedal or slightly off the pedal.

Starting position: Lift your left foot off the pedal and release the leg lift lock, but be careful not to lock your knees.

Take a deep breath, hold your breath, tighten your abs, control the rhythm of your movements, slowly lower your knees, try to reach your thighs and form a 90-degree angle between your knees. Push the pedal back to the starting position. Exhale to the highest point by sticking to the point or stretching the leg completely.

Huck squatted down
Main point of action: Since it is a fixture squat, the path of motion is unique and no longer detailed. The basic requirements of squatting are to follow the barbell squat.

Huck’s savvy should be a powerful weapon for strengthening extreme power. The goal of hackers is to increase the ultimate strength, so use more weight than the barbell squat, the barbell squat is more stable than the barbell squat. As the golden rule of strength training, you should always use restricted movements for heavy and small repetitions, and free movement for high repetition. This way you can safely break the limits of gluteus maximus strength.

3, the weight on the bench
Hold a pair of dumbbells hanging from the side or shoulders, with the barbell and bracket facing the bench.

Then step on the square leg and place your right foot on the bench; push your right foot down to drive the body to the stool until the foot surface is flat; then use your left leg to drop and let your body return Starting position. Then take a step on your left leg, repeat, alternate back and forth.

The upper body should be straight, the legs supported on the bench should be fully extended, and finally the middle movement, the other leg push the body as little as possible.


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