HIIT high intensity interval training method


With the popularization of the correct concept of health, the fitness problem has gradually changed from “how to lose weight” to “how to lose weight”. One concept that has been discovered is High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), which burns large amounts of fat in a short period of time. This article introduces a simple set of HIIT training methods.

What is HIIT
HIIT is a high-intensity interval training.
HIIT’s high fat reduction is based on the theory that high-intensity exercise activates the “post-burn effect” when the body’s oxygen consumption reaches a person’s maximum oxygen uptake: the body continues to burn after stopping oxygen, so it continues to burn. Calories to reduce fat.
Therefore, HIIT is a combination of high intensity and interval training to achieve fat consumption.

High intensity training
High-intensity training refers to an explosive movement, such as running, jumping and lifting weights, which allows the muscles to quickly consume the maximum amount of oxygen, thus activating the “post-combustion effect” as soon as possible. The entire process of HIIT training can be done with the help of technogym’s new Skillmill. All you have to do is switch the lever on the side of the device to a different function.

Speed ​​training
The most basic high-intensity training at high speeds. After warming up by exercise, you can perform high-speed operation for about 15 minutes according to your body condition and enter the state of burning fat preparation.

Strength Training
After driving at high speed, the body is completely awakened. At this time, in order to let the body completely “overdraw” to consume oxygen, it can resist a certain degree of strength training in the body. It should be noted that this is just a hint, please beginners step by step, depending on your abilities.

Interval training
HIIT training is a high-intensity, low-intensity, high-intensity, low-intensity switch. Intermittent training as a transitional phase between high-intensity training sessions not only reduces stress on cardiopulmonary function, reduces physical fatigue, but also burns fat. In addition, interval training is effective for increasing metabolic rate and developing muscle tissue in the body.

Endurance training
Endurance training is the most basic form of interval training and can be simply understood as slow walking.

However, in endurance training, monitoring physical activity to achieve results is the ultimate goal. Although the entire device is motor-free, technologist Skillmill’s precision displays accurately measure your body’s performance during exercise.

For professional athletes, there is an advanced version of endurance training – endurance training. In the process of establishing endurance integration, a considerable degree of thrust, tension and other strength training are entered.

Other high intensity training
For the average fitness enthusiast, the HIIT cycle is usually around 30-45 minutes, depending on the individual’s physical condition.
In addition to the speed training and strength training mentioned above, common high-intensity training includes agility training, diversity training, etc.


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