Waterrower, also known as water rowing, waterproofing, is one of the rowing machines that simulates real ships, creating a sense of sight, sound and true stroke effects, experiencing realistic progressive stroke movements, on the legs, waist, Muscle reinforcement in the arms, chest, back and other parts has a significant effect.

Waterproof is a comprehensive ability of aerobic power equipment. Its movement is similar to that of canoe. It can be developed in a short time by utilizing changes in water resistance and flywheel speed. More than 80% of the body muscles can make the whole The body consists of an appropriate combination of upper body, back, arms, shoulders, lower back and legs, waist and abdomen.

Anti-rowing machine is easy to learn, suitable for the majority of people sports and fitness, to meet the requirements of comprehensive sports, for beauty, it can also help you reduce fat, reduce waist circumference in a short time, achieve a perfect devil figure, healthy and charming. Another advantage of the indoor waterproof rowing device is that it does not hurt the joints, and the impact on the joints is very small, we can safely try.

The indoor rowing machine is an international fitness equipment suitable for a wide range of people. It is easy to learn and has been worshipped by people abroad. It has become popular in Europe. Many of the world’s top clubs have used indoor water traps.

Waterproof rowing equipment benefits from the natural resistance of water and the nature of the boating itself, making the waterproof rowing equipment have the characteristics of non-destructive aerobic fitness and good protection for the human knee. The product is suitable for professional training and family fitness.

The waterproof rowing machine is based on rowing, and can enhance the leg, waist, upper limbs, chest and back muscles, and design fitness equipment. Proper use of the waterproof rowing machine is a good exercise for our muscles.

“The most common mistake is when your hands hit your knees during training,” said Payne lightweight coach Mike Youin. At this point, you can line up the action and beat it 1-2-3, 3-2-1. Count a person; when counting 2, the body leans back and vibrates the upper body; on the three counters, it will pull back to the bottom of the rib and turn the OARS. Then back up. Stretch your arm number to three; at count 2, tilt forward from the squat; lift your leg number. “Combined, this is a coherent movement.”

Boating is a long and stable sport that is not easy to maintain strength and correct posture in all sports. The trick starts with 4-6 sets of medium resistance. Each group is practiced for 10 minutes at intervals of 2-3 minutes. This will keep your heart rate from falling and allow you to increase your strength as much as possible. As long as you use the rowing machine correctly, you can exercise our muscles and maintain a strong body for a long time.

It plays a very important role in modern fitness equipment, human progress and civilization, and enhances human health, strong and beautiful body. The progress of society, the rapid development of sports and the ever-changing science and technology have promoted the continuous improvement and innovation of fitness equipment. Advanced equipment is an important condition for the technical level and improvement of science fitness.

The choice of waterproof rowing machine is a kind of sports competition with the public as the main body. It not only enriches the amateur sports culture life of urban residents, but also promotes harmonious communication between people.

The popularity of rowing has been greatly developed. There are also waterproof netting rowings on the Internet. The intensity of the distance, time or speed can be played by the participants through the data on the screen, and the data can be placed through the computer network. After entering, you can compare and arrange lovers around the world to increase the fun and interactivity of the game. In 2009, a large indoor rowing competition was held in the UK, and the competition was very grand. Many rowing machine enthusiasts show off their skills and are very interesting.


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