The weather is getting hotter and hotter, but fortunately this hot air conditioner or electric fan, this weather must be dizzying. When the weather is hot, people don’t like to eat, and high temperatures tend to make people lose their appetite. At this time, some fresh fruits and vegetables have become the first choice, so people will not add enough nutrients when the weather is hot.

There are a lot of vegetables now, they are neatly placed in the supermarket. Every morning, there are many people in the rural market who choose the vegetables they like. Today I want to introduce this vegetable that contains three times more calcium than milk. It is considered a high-end dish abroad, but many people do not like to eat it at home.

This vegetable is Houttuynia and is also known as the “Breaking Root” in the countryside. If you live in the southern countryside, you will be familiar with this vegetable. Many people have seen and even eaten this vegetable when they were young.

In fact, the surimi grassland is a wild vegetable. However, due to its high value, Houttuynia has been quite popular in the market in recent years. Therefore, many farmers also plant it as vegetables.

Their stems and leaves look a lot like sweet potatoes, they are very crisp, and if you pull it up, pull it off. But it is also known as Houttuynia because it smells a bit awkward, especially in the summer, when it is so strong that many people avoid it.

Speaking of hyutuynia, people first think of its medicinal value, with the effect of clearing away heat and detoxifying, stomach and digestion, and in the summer people are easy to eat some cold food and stomach, hyutuynia has good heat and dysentery. influences.

But in addition to its good medicinal value, its food value is also very high, and its fresh stems and leaves are edible. Especially its roots, in the rural areas of Guizhou and Sichuan, many old people like to eat it cold and refreshing. It’s just that fishy smell is not universally acceptable, especially after drying, it’s even awkward.

The nutritional value of Houttuynia cordata is also high. According to records, the calcium content of Houttuynia cordata is particularly high, three times that of milk. It can be said that after eating, it is very helpful to people’s health.

Many of you may not know that although Houttuynia is a common wild vegetable and vegetable in China, Houttuynia is considered high-end food in Japan, Southeast Asia and other places, not only because of its high nutrition, but also because of its unique taste. And health value.

And it is basically not in Japan, it can only rely on imports from China, so such a plate h. Cordata is not cheap, but still a lot of people you like, to its growing season, supermarkets can be seen to sell fish 腥 腥 腥 ,, the price is generally tens of thousands (one) kilograms, so in h. Japanese cordata is a high-end cuisine.

Although Houttuynia cordata has a high value and is grown in China, its taste is not acceptable to all. Therefore, although the number of Houttuynia cordata is very large, many people do not like to eat Houttuynia. Even the authors saw that some people vomit when they smelled them.


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