It can enhance the heart and lung function of the human body, move the main joints of the whole body, develop the strength of the upper and lower limbs and the waist and back, and enhance the function of the digestive system by massaging the internal organs. When doing healthy horse-riding exercise, you should stretch your body and neck backwards as much as possible to better achieve the purpose of exercising the cervical spine, thoracic vertebrae, especially the lumbar spine; when you lower it, your body strengthens your abdomen as much as possible. muscle. In addition, when using, gently pull gently to avoid possible crush injury accidents, everyone knows that it is beneficial to ride the machine to the lumbar muscle strain?

The key is to stretch and tighten the muscles in a controlled manner. When pulling up the handle, squeeze the shoulder blade back and arch the back to better exercise your back muscles. When you return, spread the shoulder blades and stretch your hands as far as possible. The leg must be depressed down with a steady force and then returned with a controlled withdrawal. At the same time, it can enhance heart and lung function, improve upper limbs, waist, abdomen, legs, back muscle strength and limb coordination ability, and have a healing effect on limbs and back soreness, and also help lumbar muscle strain.

Precautions when using a bicycle:

1. During the fitness process, people are not allowed to stand within 2 meters.

2, the range of motion should not be too large, the speed should not be too fast.

3, knee exercise machine exercise is not good exercise, if you want to use, it is best to slowly pedal, the pedal stretches to the hips and knee joints is not uncomfortable.

4, the elderly must be very careful when exercising, especially the upper and lower equipment should be very careful, do not empty or fall.

5. Children must be accompanied or protected by an adult while playing.


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