Bench presses are one of the most popular forms of exercise, but there are many different types of bench presses. In general, it can be divided into up-side push, normal bench press and down bench press. But do you know that a single-slope bench press is really a straight up and down movement? What should the track be like when bench presses? Next we will understand together, is the helicopter moving up and down directly?

On the bench press
Is the desktop press straight up and down
The uphill bench press is called a single reclining because it is the movement we do with the upslope, so our body is curved, not perpendicular or parallel to the ground. Therefore, in the bench press process, the bench press angle is very delicate, basically the single reclining push is pushed up, basically in the movement of the upper chest. On the other hand, the lying legs are pushed down and the lower part of the chest is exercised.

One reason why you can’t rise or fall directly
The main reason we can’t directly press the bench press directly is because our chest itself has a downwardly inclined angle, so when we talk about it, the shoulder blade contracts and the shoulder blade descends. This time of the chest depends on us, so this time if we want to push straight down directly, it is definitely our own illusion. Without saying a word, when doing sports, everyone has a downward arm when launching the trajectory. Angle, so our chest can be exercised to other parts instead of exercising directly on the chest.

The second reason why the uphill bench press can’t go straight up and down
If you use a straight up and down bench press, it is easy to cause our center of gravity to be unstable, and the barbell center of gravity will be unstable. Therefore, the second reason we can’t be above and below is for our safety. You can only do better exercise under stable conditions. If you press it up and down, it will make the barbell unstable, so it is easy for the barbell to fall and hit the body. Not only is there a high risk factor, but it is also bad for your workout and it is easy to cut it in the middle.

The two reasons for the above analysis are the reasons why it cannot be pushed up or down directly in a tilting bench press, so we conclude that it is not possible to push up or down directly in an upwardly inclined horizontal press.


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