Regular consumption of this drink can prevent fatty liver


In recent years, with the improvement of people’s living standards, obesity has become more and more serious. If you walk on the street, you will see a lot of big fat people. The old people often laugh and gain weight. In fact, obesity is caused by dysfunction of the human spleen and stomach. To a certain extent, fat can also lead to the formation of fatty liver, which can cause liver damage and even bad news. So how do we prevent fatty liver? Can you drink soy milk often?

According to experts, the formation of fatty liver is caused by the fat wrap of the liver. When the initial packaging is less fat in the liver, it is mild fatty liver, but these are the accumulation of fat in the body that hinders normal exercise on the liver. Without treatment, the accumulation of fat can be gradually increased, leading to the appearance of moderately severe fatty liver, and even endangering human life in severe cases.

New research has found that soy protein in soy milk (found in soy products such as tofu) can reduce the accumulation of harmful fat in the liver. Scientists have found no difference in liver effects between milk and foods containing soy protein, but eating soy protein-containing foods can reduce the accumulation of 20% fat in the liver compared to milk. There is also a similar decline in triglycerides, which are fats that are harmful to heart health. The results show that drinking soy milk helps prevent fatty liver.

The reason for drinking soy milk is that soy protein helps to repair key signaling pathways in the liver involved in fat metabolism. Once the signal channel fails, the liver cannot metabolize excess fat, leading to fat accumulation and fatty liver formation.


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