The BODY vertical rhythm machine is suitable for Taiwan’s BODY GREEN’s fist product. It is completely different from the existing power board on the market. It is an analog skipping movement. Its rhythm principle, in simple terms, is changed by the physical effect of gravity. . BODY’s musculoskeletal nervous system further affects endocrine and other physiological systems, producing a variety of beneficial effects.

The principle of rhythm machine movement is to simulate the skipping movement, through the bottom-up, from the outside to the inside, to achieve the effect of body movement, to achieve the effect of whole body movement, is a natural, safe, effective, fast way, is a passive Sports fitness mode.

The vertical rhythm machine uses mechanical force to push back to the human body, the mechanical force stops, the human body is naturally detached by gravity, and it vibrates through the fast frequency 5-30 times per second, which produces a special type of vibration for the body, like people jumping rope, basketball jumping, after running The impact of the body off the ground and then the impact when touching the ground. It is a natural, safe, effective and fast way to achieve full body motion through the vertical direction of the Earth’s core gravity on the human body.

When the cardiopulmonary load is not increased, the vertical vibration excitation force is slightly stimulated through the intervertebral disc. Each part of the body comes from the cells, blood vessels, muscles, nervous system, endocrine system, bones, intestines and tissues. (Dangong Science) work, vibration (internal force), qigong theory, the body produces a harmonious rhythm of about 5~13 hz frequency, with the same effect.


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