Standard up and down bench press you may still be wrong


To exercise your upper body, you must pass some methods, because the upper part of the chest muscle is more difficult to exercise, and on the inclined horizontal, it can actually help you exercise your body parts. But do you know the standard position of the upper horizontal press? Today we will take you through the standard movement of the stage and its basic elements. If you are confused about this issue, understand it!

On the bench press
1. Prepare for the tilting bench press
If you want to do this, you must first prepare your posture. Put your body on the floor first, then use both hands to hold the dumbbell. However, it should be noted that the place we are lying on is the inclined adjusted plate and the dumbbell. The position may be in the upper right side of the shoulder. Then place your feet on the ground, maintain balance with the shoulder blades, straighten your back, and contract your abdomen to lean against the board.

2. The upper tilt level pushes the main point
In the uphill bench press, we hold the dumbbell and follow the trajectory of the triangle. In other words, the dumbbells between the chests are repeatedly repeated and do the triangle motion. Where the dumbbells are almost in contact with each other, the peak contraction should be smooth and smooth. It is also important to pay attention to whether the chest muscles are squeezed during exercise. The movement should be slow.

3. Tilt up horizontal push technology
When doing this exercise, don’t put your body in the finished position, but naturally lift the dumbbells, and Page will start without any leverage. There is a lower dumbbell to pay attention to control speed, slow down, is also good for the body, and in the process of dumbbell movement should not stay for a long time, we put the dumbbell to the highest point can be put down. Throughout the push action, the tension in the chest should always be maintained, and I want to imagine that the chest muscles push the dumbbell again, and this ability can be exercised to the chest.

Under the introduction of the article, everyone should know the tendency to lie to promote the production of the essentials? What this movement advocates is actually exercising. People who want to exercise can exercise well after knowing the standard exercise.


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