The exercise bike is called “power bicycle” in the field of sports science. It is divided into two types: upright type and back type (also called horizontal type). It can adjust the strength (power) during exercise and has the effect of fitness, so people call it It is an exercise bike.

Aerobic fitness equipment is a typical outdoor exercise, also known as aerobic fitness equipment. Mainly through the human body for a long time, appropriate exercise intensity, promote cardiovascular exercise, speed up metabolism, enhance heart and lung function, thereby improving the body’s physical fitness.

A stationary bicycle is a typical simulation of outdoor exercise in aerobic fitness equipment (as opposed to anaerobic fitness equipment), also known as cardiopulmonary (cardiopulmonary) training equipment. Can improve human health. Of course, there is fat consumption, and long-term consumption of fat will have the effect of reducing weight. Judging from the resistance adjustment of the exercise bike, the exercise bikes on the market have been popularized with magnetic control (also divided into magnetic control and magnetic control according to the flywheel structure), electromagnetically controlled higher level exercise bikes, and more intelligent and environmentally friendly spontaneous electric exercise bikes.

1.Bicycles are one of the best tools for overcoming heart problems. More than half of the world’s people die of heart disease. The circulation compresses blood flow through the legs and pulls the blood back from the end of the blood vessel to the heart. Strengthening your blood vessels will make you younger.

2, habitual cycling, can expand your heart function. Otherwise the blood vessels become thinner and the heart becomes weaker and weaker. In later life, you will have trouble and find the perfect way to ride. Cycling is a sport that requires a lot of oxygen. An old man had completed a 460-kilometer bicycle journey in six days. “The elderly should exercise at least three times a week to enhance heart function and restore normal function. You should accelerate your heartbeat, but not too long. So it can adapt to emergencies, such as driving or resisting difficult conditions.”

3.Cycling can also prevent high blood pressure, sometimes more effective than drugs. It also prevents weight gain, stiff blood vessels and strengthens bones. Cycling eliminates the need for medication to stay healthy and harmless.

4.Bicycles are a tool for weight loss. According to statistics, a person weighing 75 kilograms can ride a 73 mile at a speed of 9 miles per hour to reduce half a kilogram, but he must stick to it every day.

5, cycling, not only can lose weight, but also make your body more symmetrical charm. People who exercise by weight loss or dieting are better and more attractive than those who lose weight only by dieting. I don’t know how to describe it as “more fascinating”, but the fact is that the muscles of the sport and the tiny ankles of the bike look much better than the sloppy, slender diet. Proper exercise releases a hormone that brightens your mind and makes you happy. We know from experience that riding a bicycle produces this hormone.

6. In fact, because the circulation compresses blood vessels, blood circulates faster, and the brain absorbs more oxygen, so you breathe more fresh air. After riding for a while, you will feel more clear.

7. Ride this kind of two-wheeled bicycle with your own strength and you will feel very free and happy. It is not only a exercise to lose weight, but also a happy exile.


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