The correct method and precautions for butterfly machine breast clamping


The main part of the chest sitting on the chest of the butterfly is the pectoralis major, which makes the muscles of the chest more developed.

The correct steps:

1. Sit on the fixed chair of the butterfly trainer, keep the upper body straight, the chest straight, and the abdomen tight. The forearms of both hands should be placed tightly against the pads of the forearm resistance device so that the forearms are perpendicular to the ground and the upper arms are parallel to the ground.

2. Exhale while stretching your arms into the middle of your chest. Try to put the two resistors together for 2 seconds.

3. This group is 8~15 times, a total of 3~5 groups, each group can rest for 1~2 minutes.

When using the sitting butterfly training machine, pay attention to the slow movement, do not suddenly force, there may be accidents.

When the chest muscles start training, they want to concentrate and strengthen the muscles, so they can increase the pectoralis major training through the butterfly machine. Before the start of the exercise, lean against the back of the chair and keep your body straight. Place your forearms on the mat so they are perpendicular to the floor. When the movement is carried out, use the force of both arms to force the middle clamp, and let the two cushions touch as much as possible. You can also feel the movement of the chest contraction. Remember to exhale slowly when restoring. Remember, don’t clip too fast during practice, otherwise it may cause muscle damage!

1. Keep your body straight and use your pectoralis major muscles to apply force when clamping, gently relax and recover.

Keep the elbows outward and outward, not down.

3. The height of the seat should be appropriate, otherwise the handle position is too high, the moving shoulder deltoid will be more

When the double handle is about to come into contact, please pause a little, as much as possible to tighten the chest muscles, or to increase the stimulation of the chest muscles away from some distance.


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